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  1. Default Seattle to Miami via Cali., Grand Canyon, Santa Fe, Texas etc.

    Hey all, Great site you have!

    I've been sitting here for the last 2 hours at work just reading all different trips! I read a few relevant to me (LA to MIA and SEA to SF) but just curious about a few things, we'll be leaving probably December 1st or November 30th. I've been all around the NW (Idaho, WA, Oregon) and do a lot of driving and camping so things like accomodations and the like aren't a bother to me, we'll be taking our 91 Toyota pickup thats built as an offroad / adventure type truck with 36" lots of suspension travel, a canopy with a bed and storage cabinet in the bed, shower etc down to Port Everglades to ship it to our new home in Puerto Rico. Planning on spending maybe 2 weeks on the road trip, I was figuring 4 days to get through Cali then 10 from Cali to Miami

    What's the preferred route through Oregon? My wife wants to see both the coast with the dunes, Florence area but also Crater Lake...

    What about the 101 straight down the coast? What kind of time frame would we be looking at to SF or LA?

    What are the chances of making it across to Yosemite that time of year? I know the Tioga pass has varying closure times but going by the other thread with Yosemite's closing dates it looks doable, driving in snow isn't an issue I'm worried about we'll be prepared to chain up and / or air down depending on conditions.

    Otherwise we'd probably go through death valley to Vegas then down to I-40, then south at Albuquerque and jump on I-10 the rest of the way to Jacksonville and down the coast.

    Lastly what about crossing the border at El Paso and driving through Mexico to Brownsville then back to the route? I know the Chihuahua area is pretty dangerous but anyone know about just passing through? Is it even worth it?

    How bout some good things to stop and see?
    We've got on the list:
    -Oregon Coast
    -Crater Lake
    -Yosemite (if possible)
    -Death Valley
    -Vegas (for only a day maybe if that, both been there)
    -Grand Canyon (same as above)
    -Pueblos at Santa Fe
    -BBQ food in Texas
    -New Orleans
    -Beaches on the coast

    Then once in Miami we'll head down to Key West for a day and head back before dropping the truck off at the shipping company.


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    Default a few thoughts

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd figure about 3-4 days to make the trip down the coast to San Francisco, with the time frames you've laid out, you probably need to chose between the coast and Crater Lake.

    The Yosemite Valley is open all year, so that's not a problem to visit. There is a very slight chance that Tioga Pass would be open, but it is quite rare for it still to be open in December. This is a case where either the road is open or its not, your truck and or chains don't come into play (although you will be required to carry chains driving into the valley at this time of year).

    I would strongly advice against traveling through Mexico. The entire border area is seeing serious crime problems right now, and I would stay away at this point. Not to mention, that detour would add at least 2 to 3 days of driving to your trip.

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