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    Looking for basic information on the best route from Yosemite Nat. park to Barstow, CA. Wife, dog and I will be visiting Yosemite (staying in El Portal) and then traveling to Barstow in one day. Considering going through the park to Tioga pass then 395 down to Barstow. Any info on that route is appreciated. Is is doable in one day and any other points of interest along the way. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Yes, that's a route you can do in a day, although you should expect to take some extra time going over Tioga so it will fill up your schedule pretty good.

    The faster route (and only feasable option for a winter trip) would be to take CA-99 to CA-58 through Bakersfield, but it wouldn't be nearly as scenic.

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    Thanks Michael.

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