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    we are two friends from Croatia working for a summer in US. We are about to finish our work and would like to travel ur nice country a bit. Wed decide to take this route:

    Route Map

    We have great deal of experience touring Europe and we have 12 days available for this tour (which will be approximately 23O km per day). We calculated that we need app. 6OO$ for car rental and additional 4OO$ for gas (if we rent an economic car). We also have 1OO$ per day for living costs (housing, food etc.).

    We r open to any suggestions, advices and tips. Everything in our route is flexible (even the route itself which means if u have better suggestion where to go and what to see).
    Only thing what is not flexible is mileage per day (we want to enjoy our trip without spending 5OO miles per day in a car) and our budget (which is 1OOO$ for car rental and gas).

    Thanx in advance for all advices and suggestions
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    Default a good start

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I'd say the basics of your plan are solid. The amount of money you are talking about is quite reasonable and you can certainly fit in everything you've talked about in the time you have.

    One tip I will remind you about is that you'll want to make sure that you have in writing that you can take your rental car into Canada. Its usually not a problem, but you may have to ask.

    Also, since you're going right near there anyway, I'd try to fit in a day in Toronto, which is a very nice city with lots to do.

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    thanx, glad to be here...

    thanx for advice, one possible problem that I havent mentioned in first post is possible car rental problem. Its because we dont have US drivings license, though we have international drivings license issued in Croatia police department.

    Ive heard that it can be a possible problem with rental company, noting that they sometimes dont wanna rent a car to a foreign without US drivings license.

    I suppose theres a big number of places to sleep during our tour? Can u give me information about prices of some cheap motels along the way (of course, need average price info)?

    thanx 4 all ur help

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    Default misinformed

    Well, your information about renting a car simply isn't accurate. People from other countries come here and rent cars every single day. However, if your license is not in english, you may want to get an international drivers license which essentially provides a translation.

    This post
    has some of the more common hotel chains and a ballpark idea of where they fall in a pricing category.

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    thanks mate, any other tips or recommendations?

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    Default I-95

    I note that you have your route from Boston to NY via I-95. Not only is this one of the busiest and most congested highways in the country, it has an unbelievable amount of construction going on.

    You may like to reconsider and take I-90 and I-87, both toll roads, but it is less than 5 hours, whereas when I was on I-95 recently it took me almost that long to do just half of it.

    Lifey who learned from experience . . .

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    I-90 to I-87 is considerably longer - what I'd use is I-90 to I-84 to Hartford. Then I'd take I-91 to Meriden and pick up CT-15 (Wilbur Cross Pkwy, Merritt Pkwy) to the NYC area. What is really nice about the Merritt Pkwy is no trucks are allowed.

  8. Default Recommendations

    Thanx 4 all ur help...

    I need few recommendations.
    1. What to see along the road? Ive learned there are only few national parks through areas we pass (Gettysburg in pennsylvania, Shenandoah in Virgina and Acadia in Maine). What are ur recommendations to see, visit or stop by?

    2. Where is the most economical car rental in NY area? Ive also googled that renting a car is more cheapest in New Jersey than in New York.

    Thanx for all ur help

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