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  1. Default Austin to Anaheim to ???? to Austin any suggestions

    Planning a trip with family, dh and I with our two little girls ages 1 and 4. We have about 9 days

    Austin to Albuquerque (Sandia Peak Tramway) & Rio Grande Zoo

    Albuquerque to Flagstaff (Grand Canyon) Suggestion for tours?

    Flagstaff to Anaheim (Disneyland) maybe San Diego Zoo

    Anaheim to ????? This is where I get stuck planning this trip:

    The return Anaheim to Austin is a 19 Hour Drive. We would like to split it so we don't have to drive 19 hours straight. We have done Austin to Miami several times 22 hours - Not so fun! The problem is I am not sure what sites we can check out with the little ones in tow on the way back. or where to stay for that matter. Any suggestion are greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, we'll start with the impossibilities first. Anaheim to Austin is actually a bit farther than Austin to Miami, and there is no possible way you could cover the distance in 19 hours, and even doing it in 22-23 would be the best time possible if you are a robot who that doesn't need rest. Of course, that's worse than being not fun especially for kids, driving that kind of distance in one sitting is dangerous plain and simple. Even if you've done it before, you'll find no one here who endorses driving such large distance without getting proper rest. It can't physically be done without you becoming a threat to everyone else who you are sharing the road with.

    We generally recommend limiting your driving days to the 500-600 mile range, especially when traveling with kids. That mean that you really should consider 2 overnight stops for the trip back from California, just doing one really won't give you time to stop at anything along the way.

    Following those recommendations also means that you would be strongly advised not to try and do the more than 800 mile trip to Albuquerque in one day. Those kind of days require you to just drive and drive and drive, and are no fun for anyone, especially not kids.

    Here are some ideas for things to do along I-10, but I really think you're in danger of trying to stretch your trip to where you're doing so much that you're going to end up being exhausted more than you are having fun.

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