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    Does anyone have any leads on making money while traveling from NY to California? Farm Work, Temporary in town work, places to stop and work, ways to make money to make it through, places to camp free, but mostly ways to keep making money while traveling to get the gas money to get there. We'll have a couple hundred dollars thats it. 2 24 yr old dudes just tryin to get some adventure notches on their belt leaving with nothing in search of anything. Any advice?

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    These days even temporary labor jobs can be hard to come by, and undoubtedly people who are from the area are always going to be getting the first crack at what jobs are available. Its going to be a whole lot easier to have fun while having an adventure if you focus your efforts on working and saving before you leave. After all, if you can't live on virtually nothing right now, you're probably not going to be able to do it on the road either.

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    Midwest Michael's advice is point-on -- These days, it's much harder to find pick-up labor work of any kind in most areas of the country. However, sometimes you just gotta hit the road and see what it brings you. A few years ago, Megan and I hit the road with only enough cash to last us two fuel tank fill-ups - We had the prospect of a place to stay in Arizona -- but no job and no real expectation of of more $$ when got there. It worked out. It almost always does.

    It's all about how much personal risk are you willing to endure (in terms of running out of money) These days, I have much less willingness to push that boundary -- and it's a pretty hard line -- but in your case, that line might be as soft as silk thread.

    So, I'd say -- go for it. If doesn't work out -- you can always go home again.


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