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    Default Toronto to Chicago

    Hello, I am planning a long weekend road trip to Chicago from Toronto. I could fly but I'm driving for something to do. I have 4 days, leaving early on a Friday morning and returning late on the following Monday.

    I'm big on road trips and from Toronto, I've driven north to Sault Ste. Marie along the backroads, east to the Maritimes, south to Florida but I've never driven further west than London, Ontario. I am completely unfamiliar with this part of the world!

    I'm looking for suggestions as far as best routes and border crossings, sites along the way, and any other travel tips for this drive (i.e., are there any places I should completely avoid, etc.).


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    I would recommend the Sarnia/Port Huron border crossing. Stay away from Detroit, there can be considerable delays.

    Toronto to Chicago is right around the limit of a single day's drive if you stick to the Interstate highways. Fastest route is 402 from London to the border, I-69 to I-94.

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    Default reverse

    I've done a very similar trip, in the reverse, driving to Toronto and back over a long weekend.

    GLC is right, it is a full day on the road, but it is certainly feasable.

    If I can, I always like to take different routes for each direction of a round trip, which is why I usually go through Sarnia one way and either use the Bridge or the Tunnel in Detroit the other way. I haven't found any one crossing as being much better or worse than the others. I've seen delays in both Detroit and in Sarnia, and I've had days where I've crossed over without any wait at all.

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    Thanks! Google puts the drive at about 8 hours. Does that seem reasonable? Quebec City and Sault Ste. Marie are both about 8 hours from Toronto, so if that's the case then I have a better idea of what my day will be like.

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    Default a bit low

    Google's time estimate here is a bit closer than usual. 8 Hours would require a pretty perfect set of circumstances where you saw no delays whatsoever. When you factor in time crossing the border, traffic, and time for food and fuel, its probably going to be closer to 10. Of course, you'll gain an hour going there and lose one coming back.

    And of course, you do have your passport already, right?

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    I completely forgot about the time difference! Thanks. And yes, I have all my papers in order. I cross at Buffalo/Niagara Falls all the time (cheap flights out of Buffalo!)

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