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  1. Default road trip from Los Angeles to Vermont by way of Cincinnati

    Hi, Everyone!

    I'm moving cross-country from Los Angeles to Vermont and making a stop in Cincinnati to visit family during the first week or so of August.

    I've driven i-40 several times, so I'm planning on doing i-70 as one of my last western adventures for a bit, as i may not get back out to do this for a while.

    I'd like to see several National Parks and some great scenic views in Utah and Colorado. I'm tentatively thinking of seeing Zion or Bryce on the first day and then continuing the second day to see Arches or Canyonlands. I'm hoping driving i-70 through Colorado will provide great views of the mountains, but any suggestions for quick detours off the beaten path would be appreciated.

    Unfortunately I don't have enough time to do justice to some of the sights, but it would be fun to even do a very short hike or car tour on park roads to get a taste :) I am torn between Zion and Bryce- it appears that Bryce might have more breathtaking scenery, but it is off of i-70 a bit. Is it possible to take a day to get from LA to Zion or Bryce to view one or the other in the afternoon, continuing on to stay in Salina? Then the next day drive to view Arches or Canyonlands and continue through Colorado hopefully stopping in Burlington, CO? I'm not sure how long it will take to drive the mountains of Colorado, so maybe i'm overestimating.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!


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    Everyone's definition of what makes a comfortable day's drive (how much space can one fit in that time) is a bit different. But the activities you're listing for your first couple of days would put a strain on anybody's stamina. A good day's drive, with maybe a couple of hours out of the car for meals and a couple of quick walk- arounds, would get you about 550 miles down the road, letting you make the complete drive to Vermont in 5 days of hard driving or 6 days at a slightly more reasonable pace. Then you'd have to add in the time you plan to spend in Cincinnati. But Salina is 570 miles from Los Angeles, and it's going to take some extra time to clear the L.A. basin in morning, so your plan to spend considerable time in Zion in addition to making it that far the first day may be a bit unrealistic. Similarly, Burlington is a full 600 miles from Salina (assuming you are able to get that far the first day) even before you factor in the 75 mile (or so) detour down to Arches and back. So my first suggestion would be to either make sure that you have the time cover the space required to see the places you want, or to cut back on your ambitions. But certainly I-70 offers a scenic alternative to I-40 and won't take significantly longer, per se.


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