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    Hi Everyone!!

    I am planning a road trip (my first!) for late August with my boyfriend, and we would LOVE for any help/suggestions anyone might have! Specifically, we are driving from New Haven, and want to spend our time in the Blue Ridge/Smoky Mountains. We are thinking of stopping quickly in Baltimore or DC on the way down or back. Ive gotten some books about the area, but am a bit overwhelmed by all of the suggestions. We have 8 days to do this.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about routes used to get there or things to do in the Blue Ridge? We are in our 20s and are pretty active. Looking to hike/bike/raft, etc. Also looking to camp for a few nights (though not the whole time). Wed prefer to not be in areas with lots of kids or RVs. Looking for a really beautiful, active, and authentic experience.

    Is it a good idea to do the whole Blue Ridge? Are there certain routes we should see or avoid? Any recommendations on campsites or inns/hotels?

    Thanks so much!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are plenty of opportunities for different experiences along the Blue Ridge. Since the main thing you mention is that you are active and looking for hiking and other outdoor experiences, probably the first thing you should check out is the Appalachian Trail. You certainly won't want to hike it all, but it does form the backbone of hiking trails in the area and has primitive (read: no RV's or partying teenagers) campsites accessible only on foot. For the best scenic drive in the area, check out the Blue Ridge Parkway. For history, there are several Civil War battle sites and Presidents' homes such as Monticello, Montpelier, and Ash Lawn-Highland. There are several quaint towns for those nights when you want a respite from camping, such as Lexington VA and Asheville NC. And finally, there are combinations of all of the above.


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    My preferred route to get to the area from Massachusetts is to go on I-287 in New York/New Jersey, I-78 then I-81. That won't take you into Baltimore or Washington, DC, but it will avoid the heavier I-95 traffic that you'd otherwise encounter.

    Ideally, heading out after school gets back in would provide you with the distance from the young'uns that you seek, but if that's not an option, then I'd suggest looking for primitive camp sites along the way.

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    I prefer I-84 west out of Hartford to I-81 in Scranton.

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