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    Default San francisco,grand canyon, sante fe in two weeks

    We are from Atlanta. Our goal is to take in Southwestern scenery some of which is new to both of us. I have driven around Albuquerque/Taos/Sante Fe and love it, esp. Bandolier and the like. And I've driven Oregon down the coast to above LA which was amazing and wonderful. He has been only to cities in SW.

    Must is three days in Sante Fe with friends.


    Two weeks max
    No more than 6 to 8 hrs/day driving
    See the countryside and identify future trip locales.
    Grand Canyon, if possible.
    Three days Asilomar in Monterey, if possible.

    Fly ATL to San Francisco.
    3 days Silomar
    Drive south to LA
    1 day LA with friends
    Drive to Grand Canyon.
    1 or 2 days Grand Canyon
    Drive to Sante Fe
    3 or more days in and around Sante Fe
    Fly to Atl.


    1)Too much driving in too short a time to be enjoyable?
    2)If answer to 1) is yes, suggestions for quicker comparably scenic not-similar-to-SE U. S.-route San Francisco to Sante Fe?
    3)Suggested sights to see if we dropped California part of the trip and circled out from Sante Fe to Grand Canyon and back.

    As I said, wed like to as much as possible go places neither of us has been.

    Thank you.
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    Default Looks OK to me.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums!

    I think you outline plan is certainly doable and you have given yourself plenty of time either end of the trip to relax. You could leave Asilomar earlier on day 3 and have an overnight stop on the way to LA and explore a little more of the coast and you may have to stop either side of GC for the LA > GC and GC > Santa Fe section if you want to stick to the 6-8 hour rule but it's not a problem it's just fine tuning your timing.
    To be honest when you compare it to what a lot of people try and cram in over 2 weeks it looks positively relaxed.

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    Default Okay, we're off

    Thank you. What a relief. I can't wait!

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