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  1. Default RV Rentals from Seattle or Vancouver

    Hi All,

    My wife and I are heading to Seattle and would be interested in Renting a small RV to do a 8 day loop to Vancouver and Banff in August.

    Would anyone be able to suggest a place to rent a 2 birth small van type RV (hopefully reasonably priced!). We are flexible as to whether to pick it up from Seattle or Vancouver. Our other option is to rent a car and stay in motels, but i think an RV would be a great way to make the most of the trip.

    Thanks for any help with this.

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    Cruise America has rental locations in both Seattle and Vancover. El Monte RV has a location in Seattle. Most RV rentals aren't cheap. Camping World is also renting RV's now and has a location in Vancover and a couple areas near Seattle.

    I checked and both Cruise America and El Monte allow you to take the RV's to Canada. One of the benefits of renting in Vancover is you won't have to cross the border in an RV. They sometimes will choose one and will search the entire RV...been there and done that!

    While in Banff, please make sure you spend some time in Jasper National Park too.


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    Default Lifestyle choice.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With deals constantly changing the best you can do is check the main company quotes such as those Utahtea linked you to and use the search engine to see if you can find any competitive local ones to compare with. A class 'B' or a small class 'C' RV would be a popular choice, the class 'C' usually costs more and is a bit bulkier but would offer more room and comfort. With either one it would most likely be a dearer option than a car and Motels by the time you have added extra fuel costs and camping fees but if it's the lifestyle you want then I agree, it's a great way to get around.

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    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the info... at this stage those companies all seam to only have larger type RV's that are pretty expensive for what we are after. We really are after a smaller size van with a bed in the back, so we'll probably go a hire car/hotel type trip.

    Its a shame, but hard to justify the dollars.

    Thanks again

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    Default Your welcome !

    If you would like any other help/input with your travel plans just post them up and I am sure we will be able to help out.

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    The small two berth RV / hi-top vans must be available for renting somewhere... I saw far too many of them in RV parks in Western Canada, for this not to be the case. But to date, I have not found out where... and have to admit that I never went and asked any of the occupants.

    And even though this is not an RV, I am assuming it is the type of thing you are looking for.

  7. Default Thats what we are after

    Hi Lifemagician

    That style of van is what we are after. Its a shame that company don't have pick up from Seattle available.

    I'll keep searching though.

    Thanks heaps for your efforts

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    Hi! I'm new in the forum but I thought I might help. If you are still looking to pick up in Vancouver, I'd recommend CanaDream. I'm renting from them for a road trip next spring, so since I haven't actually used them yet I can't vouch for them entirely. Their Deluxe Van Camper rental seems to fit what you're looking for, it's what we're renting from them for our trip as well. I also checked out Alldrive Canada but didn't go with that company because of a 25-and-over age restriction, however that might also be an option.
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    Default good find

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    It does look like that company could help the original poster. I will note looking at the fine print that they only include 100 km/day in the rental price which really isn't very much. With the extra 31 cent per km charge, there would be an addtional CAN$300 fee to do a loop to Banff over 8 days.

    Also of interest, they will allow rentals RV to travel to Alaska and parts of Northern Canada with a $500 fee and a $10 per day fee for each day in the US.

    Hopefully you'll be able to post your experience with this company after you make your trip.

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    Will do. Another company I found while looking for a rental was Compass Campers Canada (they have an American website as well I think), but ended up not going with them because we weren't fans of the bed-above-the-cab situation.

    It's not helpful for a trip in August, but it's worth saying Canadream has some great early bird deals (I swear I'm not plugging them, but I was impressed). They were definitely the best deal we found online. We got 14 days rental, unlimited KMs, equipment kits, prep fee, US driving and additional drivers for 2000$ tax included. If anyone is planning a rental a bit further ahead, I'd check them out.

    And sorry about the linking violation up there. Are there forum rules or policies around someone could guide me to? I couldn't find them.

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