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  1. Default I70 road conditions - october

    Hi Guys - planning to travel from Bluff up to Grand Junction then across to Denver as final leg of our USA road trip this year.

    Jut not sure if the altitude means snow or not and if so what time of year it might start?

    hope you can help me?

    jamie - UK

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    Default predicting the weather

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Trying to predict the weather more than a few days out is pretty much guessing, and you're essentially asking us what the weather will be 3 months from now.

    It would be fairly unlikely that you'd see snow, but its certainly not out of the question that an early season storm would blow through. That's about as specific of answer as we can possibly give.

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    Thanks - that is all I need to know - sorry I didn't ask the question in the right way and make myself clear - just wanted to get an idea - in case winter started in October and you'd had 10 feet of snow every year for the last ten years or something! Only been that route in June/July before.

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    Default Priority.

    Being an Interstate it is a priority to keep it open all year round and although they can be subject to weather disruption I am sure you will be fine in October.

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