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    We wondered if anyone had any tips on where you can buy second hand or fairly cheap camping equipment in either New Orleans or Memphis. We start our trip in New Orleans but can manage without a tent until memphis.

    Are there any good discount outlets in those areas perhaps?

    Many thanks for your help

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You might have some luck finding used gear at an army surplus type store. I know I've found some good deals on backpacks and the like there.

    However, most camping equipment can be purchased quite cheaply from a big box store (walmart, target, etc). You should be able to get a basic sleeping bag for under $20 and a tent for under $50. I suspect most things that you would find used would be higher end gear, that would cost at least that even used.

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    Default For sale - used

    You could also check sites such as Craigslist or the newspaper classifieds if you want to hunt around a little bit, but if you're just looking for the basics, go to the big box stores.

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