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    I am moving to Palo Alto and wanted to drive cross country. I only have 2 weeks to do this (End of July to mid Aug) and wanted some advice. First, because of the limited time, my plan was to shoot across the Eastern part of the country until I get to Colorado and then take my time in Colorado, then go up to Wyoming and see Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, then to Seatle, then a relaxed drive down the coast until I get to San Francisco. I am okay with skipping Colorado, but I definitely want to see Yellowstone. Any suggestions for places to see along the way? I have no idea on what places would be cool to see, especially during the first part of the drive when I am driving from NJ to Yellowstone. I have a driving companion who doesn't really care to see Chicago again and we don't need to hit major cities, although my idea was St. Louis could be our first real stop of the trip. Thanks!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I would estimate your trip including the places you mention to be in the region of 4000 miles which equates to roughly 7-8 days of driving at our recommended max pace for multi day trips of 500-550 miles/ 9-10 hours a day driving with short stops for food, gas and bathroom breaks. So this leaves you some time for major sight seeing along the route you choose, but this is the point when you need to do a little more research and dot those places you really want to see on the map and then we can see how those dots can be joined together. Search the forums and road trip planning pages [using the search button] and you will find lots of info. There is a lot of info in these two threads alone, some interesting places to R@R just off Interstate and a massive list of attractions in each State.
    When you have had a look around and you have a better picture of what places you want to hit and have decided how to spend your time [more places or less driving] let us know and we can help you piece it together.

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    Thanks, I will check those out. I needed the inital pointing in the right direction.

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