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    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and thought I might be able to get some helpful advice here. I am going up to NY for grad school and will be driving from Lubbock, TX.

    Any advice on how to divide the trip and how many days it will take me? I was thinking of 2 days of 800 miles (lbk to st. louis, st. louis to syracuse) or 3 days of 700/700/300. Thanks!

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    Default At Least Three Days

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Sorry, but there is simply no way to make this drive safely in two, or even two and a half days. Despite what mapping software will tell you, the most you can cover in a day over a multiple day drive is about 550 miles, maybe 600 if you push it and stay on the road for 12+ hours each day with only minimal stops for meals, bathrooms, and sanity/exercise breaks. That means that the nearly 1,800 miles to Syracuse is three days at the absolute minimum. Trying to do it in less is unsafe and unwise. On a three day drive your overnight stops would be roughly Joplin, MO and Richmond, IN.


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    If you stop here in Joplin, the Motel 6 at exit 8 is $39.99 plus tax.

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