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    I'm a first time RV renter and will be renting a 23' class C motohome for a 15 day trip around the West (Sept - Oct).

    My question concerns insurance. The RV rental company has asked me to provide an endorsement (rider) on my car insurance policy for the RV, but this is not possible. So, I've asked the RV rental company to provide me with a policy that I pay for (for the 15 days).

    Their quote is $300 (for both drivers) for the 15 days. So far, so good (although expensive if you ask me since that's like $7,000 a year).

    The problem is that when I read the fine print it says that the insurance does not cover negligence - "backing up into a vehicle or being backed into is considered negligence".

    To me this should be covered under "collision", right? I understand about negligence, but if I cause an accident by accidentally backing into a vehicle, then isn't it a collision? More importantly though - if I've parked the RV nicely in my spot and I'm off for the day sightseeing AND someone else backs into me, then how can this be called "negligence"? Why does the insurance not cover this?

    Also, the insurance doesn't cover loss of revenue! Does that mean that if there is an accident and it takes 1 month to fix the RV, then will I have to pay for this 1 month of lost revenue? This seems crazy to me! Isn't this the purpose of having insurance in the first place?

    SO ... what to do?

    I've asked the RV rental company to provide more details on this point, but I'd like other people's opinions as well.

    Are there insurance providers where I can get a short term policy to cover me for this 15-day period? I'm not so concerned about the price, but I don't want any nasty surprises in case we really do have an accident.

    Thank you in advance for helping me with this. As I said, I'm a newby RV renter and would really appreciate your advice/help.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I can't begin to say what that insurance may or may not cover. Their limitations sound a bit odd, but you'd be better off getting a copy of the coverage and having a lawyer take a look over it so you really know what is and is not covered. What you've described does seem like you'd have a lot of potential liability.

    There are some companies that offer aftermark insurance for rental cars. I don't know if they have RV policies, but this could potentially be a more cost effective and complete option.

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