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    Back to the road again and my first choice for a search on route is this forum. I am pretty unsure if i can cover most of the state in 4-days.

    Searching the forum ... AZBuck's Post #3 [specially US191] from the link below sounds very interesting.

    Arizona on Motorcycle in 30 days

    In addition, I have Route-66 in mind. [glc's Post #2 from the above link]

    Do you have any suggestions on my trip ? [I am driving alone and am Ok with driving 600 miles a day]

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Four days for a round trip from San Jose to Arizona and back is really a minimal amount of time. It's nearly 600 miles just to get to the western edge of the state. So what you're really asking, I think, is what you can do with only days to explore Arizona. If all you want to do is take scenic drives, with only occasional forays out of the car, then yes you can venture as far as the Coronado Trail (US-191) in the southeast corner of the state. But traveling on the roads listed in the thread you mention is going to be considerably slower than traveling on Interstates. You simply cannot cover 600, or even 500, miles a day on such roads and still have anything like fun. So, if seeing some of Arizona, and doing something besides sitting behind the wheel for four straight days, is on your agenda, then I suggest you stick to the northwestern parts of the state. That's not a bad option and includes the Colorado River, old route 66, the Grand Canyon, Sedona and red rock country, and some great old western towns such as Jerome, Wickenburg, and others.


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    Thanks AZBuck. I was also thinking in the same lines, that all am going to do is driving. And, really, it is tough most of the times to enjoy the scenic views to your left and right while driving :-)

    Its better i stick to your suggested route. OR for this weekend, i am also looking at covering Carson City to Ely [Loneliest Drive] and from Ely to Vegas via 93

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