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    My fiance and I are going to be driving from Santa Fe to New Jersey next week. We'll be taking 40 through New Mexico, Texas and Tennesse, and then 81 through Virginia, West Virginia and PA, and then 78 through NJ. I'm all set on the route (drove it last month), but am trying to finalize our stops.

    We need to get to Nashville by Day 2, and New Jersey by Day 4. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to where to stay in Oklahoma on Day 1. We'd love to stay somewhere near a great barbeque stop. On Day 3, we are thinking that we want to stay in Lexington or Staunton, VA. Which would you recommend?

    Another other recommendations about quirky places to stop along the way would be appreciated!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    From Santa Fe to Nashville is a shade over 1,200 miles. That is going to be hard work to cover in just two days, so don't plan on much else that food, gas and restroom breaks with maybe a short time out or two to just walk around a bit. You certainly won't have time to go wandering off looking for "quirky places". Remember that you're going to lose an hour on your first day and at the start of your third day as well. Plan on getting to around Henryetta, OK (at the junction of I-40 and US-62/US-75/Indian Nation's Turnpike) on the first day. That will split your first leg up into two roughly equal segments. Similarly, Lexington is closer to halfway through the second leg, and it's a smaller quainter town than Staunton, so that would be my choice for that night's stay.


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