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    Hello! New to the forums...

    Taking my boys (8 and 14) on a quick day trip this weekend, possibily overnight. Heading to Dyersville for the Field of Dreams, then what? Would prefer not to go past Dyersville. We'll check out the Toy Museum, but need suggestions for some unusual places to checkout either on the way there or back. Prefer on the cheap if possible.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Maquoketa Caves State Park may interest them. It's not unusual, but Galena is always worth wandering around in for a while. Chestnut Mountain sets up a slide on the ski slope in the summer which is a lot of fun.

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    Default a few more

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium is a very nice stop in Dubuque that I highly recommend.

    Since this is a baseball trip, you could swing into Freeport, and take a look at Little Cubs Field, a t-ball sized replica of Wrigley.

    Rockford's also got a couple of nice little museums, like the Burpee Museum with a couple of nice Dinosaurs in their collection, and the Discovery Center located next store which has won several awards as one of the best childrens museums in the US.

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    Those are great ideas GLC and Midwest Michael. Appreciate the input. Didn't know about Little Cubs Field. Given that we're Cubs fans, that will be a must! :)

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