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    Hey there,

    We are from the UK and are planning our honeymoon and would love to drive from San Francisco to New York in January 2010. We have 31 days to do it and no fixed points other than the beginning and the end. We're restricted to January due to work and study comittments.

    As it will be the depths of winter we know there may be problems with snow and cold. Bearing this in mind we are thinking that starting from San Fran we could head SE, we'd like to see some of Utah as hear it's stunning and then we'd think about heading in a more Southerly direction as we'd like to see some of the deep south such as Georgia/Mississippi etc and then start heading up to NYC from Atlanta.

    What advice do you have in terms of routes for January, would we actually be better to head down towards the south earlier and do more of a new Mexico/Texas/south coast route (not our preference but maybe we are missing something?) and also for hiring or getting hold of a reliable vehicle from San Fran that we can take all the way over to NYC.

    Overall we want it to be fun, we want to eat good food, meet friendly people, see some music and art and amazing, breathtaking countryside.

    Look forward to getting advice.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Best wishes
    Sharmila and Ingo

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, first as far as your car goes, its going to be much more cost effective and easier to rent a vehicle than trying to buy one.The best thing for getting a good price is really just to shop around, although certainly start by looking at the various companies based in the UK and Europe. Often these travel companies offer better deals than even dealing directly with the US companies.

    For routing, it depends upon what you are looking for. Yes, there is a chance you'll run into snow, but that certainly doesn't mean that tourism shuts down in snowy areas in winter. Some areas can be even more interesting in winter.

    The basic outline you've listed is fine, but doing a month long one way trip really leaves your options open to almost anything, so take a good long look at what you think you'd like to do most, and build a route that fits those places.

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