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    Well you can't say the Aussies aren't doing their best to support the US tourist economy!

    Our family (2adults, 2 kids(7,4)) are busy planning a road trip from San Diego to San Francisco early October. Have read many helpful posts on this route but still have a few questions. What I would like to know is which route would be the most scenic and enable us to fit in a taste of Yosemite. We have 5 days for the journey (would like to avoid Los Angeles, as we would have already spent some time there prior to road trip).

    Thanks in advance for your time and expertise...
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    There are lots of options, you could drive up the coast and then go over to Yosemite. You could drive up the Central Valley, drive through Sequoia/Kings Canyon and then hit Yosemite, or you could drive up the west side of the Sierras going through the Desert, possible stopping at Joshua Tree, Death Valley, or even Vegas, and then cross into Yosemite via Tioga Pass.

    Since the LA area is so massive, you'll generally have to drive through the area as you work north, but you'll just have to factor that into your drive time.

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    You can't completely avoid the Los Angeles area, but you can skirt much of it by taking I-15 out of San Diego and then using I-215 from Murrieta to just north of Muscoy where it rejoins I-15. As an intriguing possibility, look at shortly thereafter taking US-395 north (a pretty road in it's own right) up to Lee Vining and then crossing the Tioga Pass to enter Yosemite from the west. After seeing the park continue west on CA-120 to I-205/I-580 into the Bay area. Just the drive is going to take the better part of two days, and you're probably better off planning to spend the night in Bishop to be in position to cross Tioga Pass the next morning in the daylight.


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    I've found that staying on I-15 instead of taking I-215 is just a bit easier. The I-215/CA-91/CA-60 interchange in Riverside can be a bottleneck, and it can get jammed up in San Bernardino. It's also a narrower road, less through lanes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AussieAnne View Post
    Well you can't say the Aussies aren't doing their best to support the US tourist economy!
    Hear! hear!! Whereabouts in Oz??

    Quote Originally Posted by AussieAnne View Post
    Our family (2adults, 2 kids(7,4)) are busy planning a road trip from San Diego to San Francisco early October......
    I am curious as to why you are choosing SD to SF and not SF to SD. The coastal road particularly between SF and LA is magnificent, and much easier to drive from North to South.
    (If you have ever been on The Great Ocean Road, you will appreciate thi drive.)


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