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    Me and my partner are heading out to america on the 10th of sept for 10days, we're flying from belfast but haven't booked our flights yet as we're not sure on which way to do our trip, we would like to stay in vegas a few days san fran 2days and maybe see a bit of the coast, some tips would be helpful as we our thinking of flying into LA and flying outta vegas....

    Thanx Andrea x

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    This is far and away the single most discussed topic on the forum, with thousands of posts that focus on this area. I'd urge you to look around a bit first, these are just a few of our favorites to help get you started.

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    Your airport choices would come down to how many days you want to spend in Vegas and LA plus the 2 days in SF compared to travel days. For example with just 10 days, if you spent 3 of them in Vegas and 2 each in SF and LA that would leave 3 days of travel. In that case you might be better off flying into SF and out of Vegas and spend a couple of nights on the coast between SF and LA.
    With just a couple of days in Vegas and SF and ending your trip in LA, a very popular route and my preferred choice would be to head from Vegas across Death valley and through Yosemite and onto SF over 2 nights [2.5/3 days] and a night or 2 down the coast to LA before departure.
    If LA is just a point of departure and you found it cheaper to fly in and out of the same airport then you could miss it altogether and do a complete loop from either SF or Vegas using the mountains one way and the coast the other. Have a look at the links Michael provided and if you have more questions when you have decided just ask and we can help "fine tune" your trip.

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