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    We are arriving in LA in a few weeks from the UK and plan to drive over to Vegas and beyond (maybe depending on time) but was wondering if there is anything on route to see or do or not do? also is there a different scenic route to go back to LA?? other than I 15??
    any advise gratefully received.

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    Default Alternatively

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    There are always options. Perhaps your best would be to head south from Las Vegas on US-95 to Searchlight, NV and turn west on NV-164 to Nipton. These towns are going to be very small, so keep a sharp lookout. At Nipton enter the Mojave National Preserve and head to the visitors center at Kelso. From there head south to join I-40 for the return to Los Angeles. Your aim in going through the Mojave is to see how many (if any) movie locations you recognize. Hint: They'll be mostly Sci-Fi sets. This way is considerably longer than the direct I-15 route, but will give you a chance to see something entirely different than Motorway.


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    Default Time ?

    How much time are you planning on using for the Vegas and beyond part of your trip ?
    The Grand canyon is the popular choice "beyond Vegas" and could open up other alternatives.

  4. Default time limit!

    sadly we only have 12 days for our whole trip, so hence want to make most of our time that we don't miss anything along the way.

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    many thanks for long do you think that journey will take via Mojave NP?

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    Default Pieces of the puzzle

    What else are you planning to see on this trip? Rather than try to piece-meal something together, its probably going to be easier if you lay out your entire plan.

    The route Buck laid out would likely turn the 5-6 hour trip via I-15 into pretty much a full day on the road.

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