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  1. Default San Francisco - Vegas - Grand Canyon - Phoenix

    I'm planning a trip from San Francisco to Phoenix in September 09 and like to get some ideas on tweaking the itinerary.

    It's currently looking like:

    Fly to San Francisco
    3 night in San Fran
    1 night in Carmel
    2 nights in Yosemite
    1 night in Death Valley
    2 nights in Las Vegas
    1 night in Zion
    1 night in Bryce
    1 night in Page / Lake Powell - ideas on where to stay?
    1 night Monument Valley - is The View worth staying in?
    3 nights Grand Canyon (accomm in village all booked up - any ideas?)
    2 nights in Scottsdale
    Fly home to rainy Aberdeen!

    Are we spending too long round and about Zion/Bryce/Lake Powell etc? Is there anywhere we can base ourselves and travel to these instead?

    All ideas appreciated!!

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    Default Looks Good

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    Your general itinerary looks good, with no overly strenuous drives and hitting all the high spots. You won't, as a rule, find recommendations on specific accommodations on this site. The chances of anyone having stayed in the precise hotel/motel/B&B are just too remote. The one suggestion I would make concerns your time in the Grand Canyon area. If the accommodations in the Village are all booked up (not surprising) you should be trying to find something in Flagstaff or Williams. Also, as great as the Grand Canyon is, three days/night there may be a bit much and you should perhaps be looking at some of the other nearby attractions including Walnut Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona and the like.


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    I can tell you where NOT to stay in Page - Super 8. Overpriced, poorly maintained, lousy customer service.

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    Default Not long enough !

    Looks good ! But I would say that you are not spending too much time around Zion and Bryce etc.

    One suggestion would be to spend an extra night at Zion. The walks through the canyon are spectacular and the journey to Bryce shouldn't be rushed [very scenic with stops at checkerboard mesa and Red rock state park] so it would be nice to have a full day there.
    I haven't lodged there but the Cameron trading post has good food and shops and is well located to the East entrance of the Grand canyon which will take you along Desert view drive which has many great view points and is a big part of the GC experience. It could make a good stop from MV and free up a night.

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    Many thanks for your advice guys!
    Flights booked, and half way through hotels. Think we will stay in Zion two nights as suggested. Will trawl the numerous other threads on this type of trip too - I'm amazed at the treasure trove of info on this site!! Thanks again.

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    Default Your welcome.

    If you have any further questions after you have looked around some more, just ask. Springdale is a nice little town on the doorstep to Zion and "Ruby's Inn" is very popular and well located for Bryce.

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