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    Default Trip to USA April 2010 - Help with Planning from Novice UK Citizen !

    Hello all - I am new to this site but it looks great for what we need.
    We are planning a trip from LA - Highway 1 - San Fran - Yosemite - Furnace Creek onto Vegas in April 2010 .
    We have been to the coastal areas before but are lost from San Fran onwards.
    How long is it to drive to Yosemite and will 2 nts be sufficient to see the main sights ? Any recommendations for somewhere typically 'Lodge' style?
    I believe the Tioga Pass is closed during April so how long and how far is Furnace Creek from Yosemite - we do have 2 drivers but is it necc to stay in Fresno overnight ? We dont mind a full day driving and is there anything we should stop and see on the way ?
    Hope someone can help us - any ideas greatfully appreciated !!!
    Many thanks Alison

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    It's only about 200 miles from San Francisco to Yosemite Village, but you'll still need to allow 5+ hours for the drive, particularly on a weekend, as most of it is on smaller roads. Yes, two nights is sufficient to 'see' the main sights, and if that's all the time you have, you'll still be able to have a very enjoyable day there. For 'lodge'ing in the park itself, check their website, but you should make reservations as soon as possible, even for next spring. Tioga Pass WILL be closed in April, so you will have to go around the southern end of the Sierra Nevada through Bakersfield and Mojave. That's 450 miles, a relatively easy but full day's drive. It's a very scenic drive, but there's nothing along the way that you absolutely must stop and see.


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    Thanks AZ Buck - great we are still in the planning stage its so exciting cant wait !

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    I stayed in Mariposa just south of Yosemite. From SF the drive took about 6 hours with a WalMart stop, I also turned the SatNav off and opted for the scenic route through Snelling, Hornitos and Bear valley. If you can't get accommodation in the park I'd reccommend Mariposa, it's a wonderful little town and the pizza place is pretty good.

    If you did decide to do a stop between Yosemite and DV to gain an extra morning in the park, you could cut across from Bakersfield towards Lake Isabella and overnight in Kernville. This would leave a steady 4hour-ish run to Furnace Creek, I'd give the 395 a miss and head for Ridgecrest, Trona, maybe call in Ballarat ghost town.

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