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  1. Default LA to San Fran via Yosemite - Nov Dec

    G'day to all.

    I have been on trips before from LA to San Fran (and a few other places enroute) but have been sitting back watching the world go buy in a coach (bus).

    This year I am looking to drive and do the Ocean run as the parts that I have seen so far have been magnificent. As part of the trip we are looking to detour and head out to Yosemite so that is where my questions start.

    I was thinking of heading inland from Montery or there-abouts, does this seem right/logical?

    Will I be able to get to Yosemite from there at that time of the year - early December at the latest (we are hiring a car not a 4WD)?

    (Note - we are staying at a lodge just near the entrance of Yosemite if that helps).

    Do you suggest an alternative way in?

    My family are doing this trip over two and a bit weeks so time is on our side.

    Any advice and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Look forward to the open road.


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    From one Aussie to another....

    I can't answer your specific question, but the immediate thought which went through my mind as I read your post is... try and do the coast road from north to south. That way you will be on the side of all the turnouts, the side of the ocean, and will not need to continuously have to turn across on-coming traffic.

    Lifey in St Paul MN

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    If you can tell us which lodge you will be staying at, this would help us give you the best route in from the coast. There are 3 different entrances to the park on the west side.

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    Default Makes sense.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It makes perfect sense to start heading across to Yosemite from the Monterey area and yes you can get to Yosemite from there. It is impossible to predict weather so far in advance but you could experience some weather disruption but you have a nice amount of time for the trip so you shouldn't feel the need to be rushed.

    Is this a one way trip to SF?
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    Thank-you for the advice to date and anymore suggestions would be fantastic

    To answer a question or two, we are stopping in El Portal (I think that is what the boss said, I am assuming that's the suburb not the name of the place) and yes, the trip is one way to San Fran, then we are jumping over the Las Vegas then Utah before heading further east to NYC (flying to these ports).

    And thank-you for the 'welcome'

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    Default Yosemite link.

    From Monterey you are looking at a possible 4.5/5 hour trip to El Portal. Head to Castroville and take CA 156/US101 to Gilroy and then CA152/59 to Merced and then CA 140 will take you to El Portal. You will find the NPS Yosemite site is full of useful info.

    If you need any help with other parts of your trip just ask.

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