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    I'm moving to Fort Myers Florida at the end of the summer from Kansas. I've never driven this before so I was hoping to take a little longer and enjoy the drive/travel instead of just getting from A to B. Does anyone have any route suggestions for more fun sight seeing or idea's or towns to check out?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Two line posts saying I want to do more than drive from just A to B are probably the most impossible questions to answer on this forum. Do you want to make lots of stops along the direct route? Do you want to take some big detours and do you have time for them, most importantly, what things are you interested in seeing and doing.

    If you've got some ideas, we can help you build on them, but otherwise, you really haven't given us much of a target to start throwing darts at.

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    Midwest Michael: Oops :-) thanks for not flaming me! I guess the reason I didn't give you a possible target for darts is because I'm not entirely sure what there is to do between here and there. What I was wanting to do was plan a route and if something is there on the way check it out. I would rather not take an inordinate amount of time or effort to go out of the way to find something. I do a lot of traveling, however most of which is done by plane! So as you can see I don't see much between here and there. I was kind of hoping to head south and go through Louisiana and all of that to get to the west coast of fla. So if you know of anything around those areas that are worth seeing I'd love to hear about it.

    Again, no route has been set. If something strikes me as a "MUST SEE" I would be willing to re-route or go that direction :-).

    Thank you for your time :-)

    I was also wondering if google maps or bing could give me a route and show area attractions along that route...haven't had much time to look into it...

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    Ariggs, there is an enormous amount of information on this website to help you plan your road trip. Take a look through the Site Directory and Roadtrip Planning pages, and the 50 States A-Z Lists, for ideas about places to visit and what route you might want to take. Hopefully that will help you get started.

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    Where are you in Kansas? What are your interests?

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    Sight seeing, good food. I'm in Manhattan Ks going to Fort Myers Florida

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    Sorry, not trying to be a smartaleck, but your definition of "sightseeing"? That's actually a pretty vague term.

    The direct route will take 3 days, via St. Louis, Nashville, and Atlanta. How much time do you want to take? Would you rather go via, say, New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast?

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