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    Hi, I am traveling with my brother in mid February from Las Vegas to Yosemite.
    What can I expect the travel time to be and what is the best route to take? We will be staying overnight at Yosemite and then heading to San Francisco - any suggestions on travel time and route for this leg of the trip also?
    I'm from Australia and would love to know little stops along the way to soak up the atmosphere and experience as many sights as possible.

    My entire plan is as follows: (in a car

    Day1-4 - Anaheim 4 nights (disneyland, universal studios etc)
    Day 5 - Head down to San Diego (1 night) and stay the night (sea world)
    Day 6-7 - Head to Las Vegas (3 nights)
    Day 8 Grand Canyon tour and head back to Las Vegas
    Day 9-10 - Yosemite (1 maybe 2 nights)
    Day 11-12 - head to San Francisco (2 nights)
    Day 13 - Monterey (1 night)
    Day 14-15 - back to LA (2 nights)
    Day 16 - fly home

    Any other suggestions for other sights in these cities and along the way


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    The mountain passes will be closed for the season in February. You will have to go the long way around - I-15 to Barstow, CA-58 to Bakersfield, CA-99 to Fresno, and CA-41 to Yosemite. This is almost 500 miles and is a FULL day's drive, allow at least 10 hours.

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    Default Soaking up the GC.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As glc pointed out you will have to go around the Southern end of the Sierra's so I would definitely plan on 2 nights between Vegas and SF via Yosemite. Personally I would prefer to take the time and visit the Grand canyon National park by road and absorb that wonderful feeling of standing on the rim and witnessing a sunset/rise, this would be an overnight trip. Most tours from Vegas go to the West rim on Indian lands and although I am sure it's pretty spectacular you will not get tto see those famous views seen in so many pictures.
    Time permitting a detour across Death valley would be a possibility, it's a fascinating landscape and a trip to Alcatraz while in SF is a time well spent IMO.

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    Default Skipping back

    I agree with Dave, people tend to really underestimate how long it takes to get to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. It really is too far to do as a daytrip. You end up spending 12 hours in a car/bus to get just a couple hours at the Canyon. It really is a place where you should plan to spend the night.

    In this specific case, I'd go to the Canyon, and then drive directly towards Yosemite, instead of doubling back to Las Vegas. This will save you a little time, although you will then have a fairly long travel day and probably should only shoot for about Fresno, before continuing into Yosemite the following day.

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    Hi Sally-Anne

    Your trip sounds exactly like mine!!!

    Is you Grand Canyon tour a helicopter tour or similar? If not I agree with the others about not enough time.

    I can assist with some travel times. We went from Las Vegas through Barstow and through the Mojave Desert, past Edwards Airforce Base, and continued on through Bakersfield and Fresno to Oakhurst which is 12 miles from the entry to Yosemite. We had one stop and I think it took about 7 hours. (But I do push along a bit..short stops etc.)
    Oakhurst was a great little relaxing town. The next morning we were fresh to experience Yosemite. We did this in one day and drove through to San Francisco which is about 3 hours away. I wish we stayed at Yosemite that night, but we were on a tight schedule

    I would not recommend pushing from LV straight to Yosemite. I would hate to think it would be dark and you would be tired to miss the amazing sights when you enter the Valley. Drive to Oakhurst, grab a pizza and relax. Book accomodation the next night in Yosemite, then drive in fresh ready for two full days of exploring sightseeing etc.

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