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  1. Default Boston to Quebec or Boston to Arcadia National Park?

    Hey gang! I'm planning on taking a spur of the moment road trip this week. I'm trying to decide between driving up to Quebec City and then maybe a drive a bit of the ways up Rt. 360 towards Tadoussac.

    Or do I want to meander along the Maine coast and go to Arcadia National Park?

    They both appeal and I can pretty much take as much time as I like, but I'd prefer to be heading away from the touristy areas on the weekend. So I thought both destinations might work for a four day road trip and then heading back towards Boston on Saturday.

    I'm probably going up to my sister's in Dover, NH tomorrow night so I figured I could leave from there and take 95N, with possible detours to York Beach, Ogunquit and Yarmouth (to see Eartha).

    Then it's either stay on 95N to go to Bar Harbor and Arcadia, or take Rt 201 to Canada.

    I've been to Quebec City before, but that last time was about 20 years ago and I've never driven there before. Arcadia NP and Bar Harbor I've never been to. Would heading towards Arcadia NP give me a good 4 day trip at least? I'm sure Quebec and environs would. In fact, 4 days might be kinda tight.

    At this point I am seriously considering flipping a coin (with passport in back pocket) and deciding when I get to the point where I'd have to leave 95N to go to Quebec. But I figured I'd see if any of you had some suggestions. :)

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    In addition to your passport, you will need a Canadian insurance card from your insurance company. They don't check it at the border, but if anything happens in Canada and you don't have one, there will be problems.

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    Oh thank you GLC! I wasn't even aware of that. I'll call my insurance company tomorrow. If I can't pick one up tomorrow I guess that will decide my destination for me :)

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    Default Far From the Madding Crowds

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Whichever way you choose to go, there are plenty of out of the way nooks and crannies in Maine where you can get away from the tourist crowds. If you decide to head down the Main coat to Acadia, take the time to poke onto some of the peninsulas that jut out into the Gulf of Maine Down East of Portland. some of my favorites are Bailey Harbor, ME-123/ME-24 below Brunswick; Christmas Cove, ME-129, and Colonial Pemaquid, ME-130/ME-32 below Damariscotta; and Vinalhaven, via ferry from Rockland. On the other hand, if you decide to head up to Québec from Dover, by all means skip NH-16 or I-93 and instead follow a couple of roads that dance back and forth along the ME/NH border: NH-153. ME-113, ME/NH-26, US-3, QB-216/QB-269. I think you'll have a lot more intriguing time in those places and on those roads than you would following the crowds.


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    Thanks, AZBuck, exactly the kind of tips I'm looking. Google and GPS aren't exactly forthcoming with the "scenic routes". I'm going to print out the list of roads and pick up a good map on my way. I was looking at a map of Maine today and was struck by the realization that I've never been north of Freeport in Maine. Should be fun

    I'm decided I'm going to go to Acadia this week. I have so much to do tomorrow before I can head the door that stopping at the insurance office isn't going to happen. I'll pick up an insurance card when I get back. Probably head to Quebec in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks again!

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