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  1. Default Traveling from Baltimore to Phoenix... MOST SCENIC ROUTE???

    Hi everyone!!!

    My boyfriend and I are driving across country in August from Baltimore, MD to Phoenix, AZ and we wanted to take the MOST SCENIC/NATURE INTERSTATES across country!!! I would LOVE your recommendations... here are my options:

    Option #1- Take Interstate 40W from Baltimore through Columbus Ohio, Indianapolis, St Louis, Springfield, Tulsa, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, then Phoenix

    Option #2- Take Interstate 20W from Baltimore through DC, Ranoke, Knoxville, Birmingham, Jackson, Shreveport, Dallas, El Paso, Tucson, then Phoenix

    Option #3- Take interstate 10W from Baltimore thorough Richmond, Charlotte, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, Shreveport, Dallas, El Paso, Tucson, then Phoenix

    Which interstate has more scenic/nature views?

    It will be our first road trip together so I am so thankful for your suggestions!

    Thank You!
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    I-81 south to Knoxville, I-40 west from there, and finishing up with I-17 south to Phoenix will give you a visually interesting route from Baltimore to Phoenix, in particular because it follows the Appalachian Mountains initially, then crosses the Mississippi and heads through the Ozarks before crossing the high plains into the desert southwest. Besides national parks, be sure to check out national forest, national wildlife refuge and state park websites for other interesting hiking possibilities along whatever route you eventually choose.


  3. Default Thank you!

    That sounds like a perfect route!! Thank you so much AZ buck! I really appreciate it!!!!

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