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    To whom it may concern, I please ask you some questions, I am sorry, as I am sure you must get this All the time. I have recently retired and am on a fixed income. I would like to outfit a station wagon and take a road trip. I am thinking Wagon as it is easer to drive the a van and gets better mileage. I need some thing I can sleep in, and hold a caller. I do not have a CDL. But did drive professionally for years. (An F250) I do have a AAA card and have had one since 2000. I know Wal-Mart and the Moose will allow you stay over night in a lot of towns. My questions are, Where can I get a shower? Are there memberships to truck stops I can but that might help? I.E. clubs? Any guides or on line services I can buy?

    Thank you very much.


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    Certainly, truck stops are a good place to both stop for the night to sleep and shower. These centers have gone far beyond just serving truckers, as explained in this article.

    You could also find that campgrounds are a great place to stop, as you then get more privacy and a place to move around at night, and many if not most of them have showers, and that's only going to be 15-20 a night most of the time.

    Other possible places to take a shower would include health clubs (some will let you in at a daily rate), and I've even been directed to a laundromat which had showers available.

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    Personally, I think you would be a lot better off with a minivan instead of a station wagon. They actually get halfway decent gas mileage and are a lot easier to remove the back seats in to create a livable sleeping area. They are very much like driving a car, and if you drove a F-250 professionally, it will seem like a car in comparison.

    I just looked over the Flying J affinity programs - they have cards for RV drivers and the "ordinary public" but it appears you have to be a professional driver to get a "frequent fueler" card which gets you shower points. I believe their cash price for a shower is in the $10 range.

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    Now days you can get a min-van easier than wagon and mileage is not that difference and not to mention room behind you to take your belongings and place to crash. On a light days, I sleep at a rest stop and clean up. In occasion you can get a cheap motel that serve free breakfast for around $30-40 in many interstate. If you are member of NPS (national Park Service, you can get a yearly for about $80 or Senior pass for $10 good for admission at most National Park operated by Dept of Interior), some facilities have bathing area. Also, if you are a member of national chain health clubs, you can use their facilities for quick work out and shower. Also, if you are traveling alone or small group, you can also take advantage of youth hostel, this is like a motel or boarding house, you sleep in a bunk in a room full of other people and have community shower or private shower, often goes for $15-35 a night, but don't let the youth name fool you, I have seen many older folks using this as an alternative. You get to meet lots of people to share stories and travel tips, place to go etc. Most major cities have couple hostels. Google to check out.


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