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    Me and 3 friends are planning a road trip around Canada, yep, all of the provinces in Canada. But we have no clue where to stop at along the way, so we'd like to know from people around Canada or who have visited other parts in Canada, where is a good place to visit in your province?

    Also, we want to buy a souvenir in each province that represents that province, list a good examply for each province if you can.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As you'll frequently find here, there isn't just one "good place" to visit in any state or province. There are hundreds of possibilities everywhere you might go. How long do you have for this trip, what sort of things are you interested in, where are you starting from, and are you going to hit all of the territories too?

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    What kind of things are you interested in? Do you have any ideas of the types of places you'd like to visit - for example, was there anything that you've seen online that you've thought "this is something I have to see"?

    Souvenirs come in all types and sizes, from clothing to knick-knacs, shotglasses or something made locally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mass838 View Post
    Me and 3 friends are planning a road trip around Canada, yep, all of the provinces in Canada.
    How long is this little adventure planned for? Many of the provinces have little or no roads, so if you're really going to try to visit them all -- you're going to need to budget air plane flights. Plus, just driving (where driving is even possible) to all of the provinces would take several months of driving. What did you really have in mind here?

    Just to keep this in perspective, in Canada there are 10 Canadian provinces, 3 Canadian territories and 1 Territory of France. We have created an A to Z list of places and attractions in each of these and you can review that list here.


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    It all depends oif he wants to do the territories too. But if he doesn't, the Trans Canada Highway (see also on Wikipedia) that connects all ten provinces and I don't think it would take months from Victoria to St-John's since it's 5000 miles.

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