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    Hi guys, we are planning a road trip for March next year (2010) starting in New York and ending up in Los Angeles

    We are meeting a friend in Jacksonville, Florida for spring break for about a week (7 nights) on the 14th March.

    The only other places that we all wanted to see for definate were Roswell, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and LA..

    I was wondering if you could point us in the right direction as to what routes to take from Jacksonville area to Roswell and some places that we could stop off and see.. New Orleans/Dallas/Albuquerque?

    All help is much appreciated.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    The basic routing from New York to Jacksonville is just I-95. Then from Jacksonville west it's I-10 to Lafayette, LA then I-49 north to I-20 west at Shreveport. I'd then suggest I-20 west to Pecos, TX and US-285 north to Roswell. This would take you by Carlsbad Caverns. After Roswell, continue north on US-285 top I-40 west, take the loop on US-89/AZ-64 through Grand Canyon National Park, retuning to I-40 and use US-93 from Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas. The final leg from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is just a straight shot on I-15. That's the simple part, and will take a minimum of 7 days of driving plus any time you're going to spend in Jacksonville, Las Vegas and at other sites en route.

    The impossibly complex part is what else to see and do. There are just too many options to try to make any sense of it all without knowing what appeals to all of you. So that part is really up to you all. Get a good map of the U.S. and mark that basic route on it. Decide how much (if any) extra time you have, and then start looking for things near where you'll be going anyway that make sense to you.


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    Hi, thanks for the reply!

    After spring break we would have 2 weeks left to go from Jacksonville to LA. The only places that we wants to so far are the ones that we have heard of on tv/films etc but Im sure there are plenty of places that we have missed. We decided on another route which goes as follows:

    New York
    Washington DC
    Virginia Beach
    New Orleans

    Las Vegas

    The places in Italics are the places that we arent sure about so if there are any major touristy/things to see in between them or around them could you guys let us know!

    Thanks for the help

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    2 weeks is a nice amount of time to make the trip. It does leave you a nice amount of time to do some quality exploring during this leg of the trip.

    However, as Buck mentioned, a lists of cities just doesn't tell us much about you and what you might be interested in. There is no one sized fits all roadtrip, and what is a major stop for one person could be something completely worth skipping for someone else.

    Buck has given you a few of the major highlights on the route, but you really need to take the step and learn more about the area than what you've learned from fictional movies and figure out what sorts of stop you are looking for. You'll always get out of a roadtrip as much as you put into it, and if you want a good trip, you need to take the step as Buck already suggested, and spend some time learning about where you'll be traveling - more than just asking to be spoon-fed a list of stops.

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