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  1. Default Insurance of foreign vehicles imported to USA by non-residents


    I've been investigating the possibility of operating cars registered in Europe in the USA and registered in the USA in Europe.

    Car registered in the US can be driven on EU roads for a year. When entering EU, the operator has to have insurance for damages he or she may cause on EU roads. It's the law. I think such insurance cost about €1600/year for regular car.
    After a year, the car has to leave or be registered in EU.

    I found out that non-USA-residents can bring their cars(registered outside of the US) with them. The car has to leave with the person or after a year.
    However, I did not find anything about insurance.
    Does somebody from you know how it's with insurance?

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    Default State by State

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Insurance laws are handled on a state by state basis, which is why it is hard to get a clear answer. Nearly all states require liability insurance, which covers any damage you might cause to another person or their property, but the amount of coverage required does vary by state.

    I would first check with your insurance company in europe to see if you are still covered while in the US, and what coverage it provides. If your policy does not cover you in the US, then I would ask your insurance agent to see if they have an option for you. I suspect it will be a lot easier to try and purchase a policy where you live than once you arrive in the US, but whoever sells your insurance should be able to give you a better answer than you'll find on an internet forum.

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    Thank you Michael for your welcome and for your answer as well.

    I think when US car is entering EU, the operator will have to prove insurance, or will have the option tu buy it. €1600/year is rather expensive.. For example I pay about €200 a year for my car registered in EU.

    I know it would be better to ask somebody who is selling insurance. I thought somebody could have an experience to share.
    I don't trust insurance agents here where I live. They are usually not very clever and in most cases have no idea about coverages. Either you read the contract and all conditions very carefully or you may end up in big trouble....
    I guess everybody knows...

    Cheers. :-)

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    Default It crosses into legal advice

    We might have personal information, but a public forum is not an appropriate place for sharing anything that looks like legal advice. Here is an overview I wrote about the kinds of coverages available, but that's really the extent to which any of us can go.


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    Hi Mark,

    I have already read that thread. Thanx anyway.

    If you have personal information why don't you share with me?
    I am not looking for legal advice. I am looking for some kind of hint...

    I think that's the purpose of forums.

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    Default missed it

    Marks point is quite simple, if you take the "personal information" you get here or on any other forum, and it turns out to be wrong, then you will potentially be in all sorts of legal problems. Thats why any response is going to be dangerously close to legal advice.

    The fact is, regardless of your opinion of Insurance agents, they are the experts on the subject and if they give you inaccurate information you have a course of action available against them. If you get information on a forum and it turns out to be wrong, you have nothing to back you up.

    You might also contact the auto club in your country (preferably one that is linked to AAA) and see what advice they offer, but other than the overview of the basic laws in the US that you've already been given, you're just not going to find much more useful information on any internet forum.

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