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    Default Gonna get an adrenaline rush!

    We are taking a spur of the moment trip to Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, Idaho, just north of Coeur d'Alene next week. We will be leaving at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning and have to be home on Sunday.

    We're taking this route on the way over in order to avoid the entire traffic jam from Olympia to Snoqualmie if we went over Snoqualmie Pass on a work-day morning, although we may return on Snoqualmie Pass as traffic shouldn't be bad on a Sunday late afternoon/evening. Going over White Pass only adds about 30 miles and it's a much prettier drive anyway.

    We'll be camping at Farragut State Park, about 15 minutes away from Silverwood. We were unable to get a spot at Silverwood's campground at this late date so we'll miss out on the discount for staying there. Bummer, but the park looks like it will be nice and it might be peaceful to retreat there after a day of rides.

    Anyway, travel days are Wednesday and Sunday. It's about 450 miles and we've driven to Spokane so many times that we're not really anticipating making a lot of stops along the way this trip. We just wanna get there.

    Thursday and Friday will be spent at the theme park and waterslide park.

    So my question is about Saturday. I'm not familiar with the Coeur D'Alene or Sandpoint areas and we'd like to explore either or both of those areas on that day. I've been lazy and busy and haven't spent much time researching those areas so I was hoping somebody would be able to pop in and offer a few tips.

    We like scenic vistas, waterfalls, unique forest settings, would be willing to do short hikes. We also like water activities and are open to unique experiences of any kind. We love history and always enjoy a well-done museum, historical home/fort/etc. I'm guessing mining is big in that area? If so, a mine tour of some kind would be intrigueing as I'm really unfamiliar with that type of stuff. Oh, and some of you know I'm into TTT's (tacky tourist traps), too!

    I expect that we will be eating out of our cooler most of the time...and the type of junkfood they sell at theme I would also be open to a great dining experience on Saturday. Anything from an outdoor chuckwagon dinner show to a bit more upscale, gourmet experience sounds good to me.

    So, really, we're open to pretty much anything except bar-hopping and gambling. Neither of us are big on that.

    I wish we had more days but, alas, this is all we can squeeze out for now.

    Thanks in advance for your ideas!
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    Default Sandpoint in the summer is pretty special

    One of the coolest things about Sandpoint is the incredible line-up of musical talent they have at the Festival -- I guess you're going to miss this -- but for anyone else who can get there in early August -- this is a must see. Check out the line-up here.

    Coeur D'Alene is a beautiful place -- I'm afraid it's been too long since I was there so I don't know the current happening places.

    Sandpoint is right near one of our favorite campgrounds -- not so much for the scenery but for the memory of the good times and the owners...

    I'd love to know if Monarch Mountain Coffee, a coffee house and specialty roaster is still in business in Sandpoint, Idaho...

    You'll have fun!


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    Default Covered Bridge

    Judy, is Sandpoint not where that covered bridge is... the 444' long covered bridge? I had wanted to go check it out, but unfortunately time did not allow it.

    Have a safe trip

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    Default Bridge=shopping

    Bummer, Lifey...I was excited about seeing a 444' long covered bridge and driving through it and it turns out it has been converted into a shopping center. Supposedly unique and interesting shops but I am so not a shopper. Even so, it might be interesting from an architectural perspective so I've added it to our potential to-do list.

    Likewise, if time allows, I'll try to check out the Monarch coffee place for Mark and give you an update. That campground sound pretty cool. If we weren't booked already into Farragut...and reviews state it's a very nice state park...we might consider staying there instead. Although it's a bit farther from the roller-coasters so we're probably best staying put.

    Yeah, we'll miss that festival. But I'll keep that in mind for a future trip. It looks like a good one.

    Any other ideas out there?

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