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  1. Default Most scenic route Toronto to Washington DC

    What is the most scenic route Toronto to Washington DC ?
    Prefer a different path back .


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    The route that my mapping program shows as being most direct is quite scenic.

    US-219 south out of Buffalo, PA-153 to I-80 east, PA-970 to US-322 to US-220/I-99 to I-70 to I-270.

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    Default And Back

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    An alternative, and very scenic, routing to provide something different on the way home would be VA-7 west out of DC to Leesburg and then US-15 north to Harrisburg, PA (or alternatively, visit Gettysburg and then take PA-34/I-81 to Harrisburg). Continue on US-15 north up the Susquehanna River valley and on into New York connecting with I-86/I-390 to Danville. Then it's a bit of 'back roading': NY-436/NY-19A/NY-19 to Warsaw and US-20A into the Buffalo area before the final run to home.


  4. Default trip from washington to toronto

    I'm planning a similar trip from washington to toronto at the end of june, can take 2-3 days. Can anyone suggest places of interest etc. How long would the above route take?

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