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    I've taken many trips in the western part of the US but never the east. I will be leaving on a road trip from Colorado Springs, CO to Orlando,FL at the beginning of august and I'm totally lost!!! Does anyone know the best route to take? What are some must sees? We have no time limit so if its slightly out of the way thats fine. we dont need a straight route. Also we would like to camp as much as possible rather than get a hotel. The trip will be with my fiance and our 2 small dogs. Thanks for any and all help!

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    Default defining best

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The great thing about the roadtrip is there is no one single "best" that applies to any route or situation.

    There are times where the shortest and fastest routes are the best, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. At that point, then it becomes plotting the route that will take you past the things you want to see. Once again, there are no best sites, just the things that fit your interests best.

    So I'd start thinking about what things you might want to do and places you've always wanted to visit. It can even be quite helpful to pull out a map and take a look at the thousands of things which make up your options. Campgrounds are available most everywhere, so avoiding hotels really shouldn't be a problem no matter which way you go.

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    Default I agree with Michael

    Once you have spent some time pouring over maps and other tools that will help you come up with potential stops along the way, come on back here and share what you've planned. Then we can help you fill in any gaps or point out things along the way that you might like.

    Oh, it's also helpful to know what kinds of things interest you...outdoors, museums, historic sites, gourmet dining, nightlife, tacky tourist traps (and I mean that in a good way cuz I love 'em), etc.

    Enjoy the planning and we'll help you iron out any rough edges.

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