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  1. Default Texas to Yellowstone Road Trip HELP!!!!

    I'm planning a road trip from Houston, TX to Yellowstone for next summer and was wondering if anyone could help with any good stops on the way????First time roadtripper planning to rent an RV 3 school age children and one toddler!

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    Default so much more

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There are so many possible stops that you really need to tell us something you and your trip. How much time are you planning, what things are you interested in, what do your kids like, why are you going with an RV, what other places have you already come up with on your own?

    We're happy to help, but you've got to help us first.

  3. Default houston to yellowstone roadtrip help!!!

    Well this will be our first road trip and we are not really sure what to expect. We've taken shorter ones about two and three hours long but never longer. We thought of renting an RV thinking that the children would be a little more comfortable but we are open to taking the family car. Like I mentioned before I'm not sure what to expect. The children will be 12, 11, 9 and 2, and they are open to mostly anything as are we. However, they really prefer to be near the water whenever possible. We haven't planned much, about the only thing we have is the destination and even that is sort of up in the air now because of the distance! We are hoping to take about a week and a half to two weeks. If you know of any shorter trips that may be wiser to take please inform me!!!! I'm really lost at trying to plan this trip and would really like it to be as fun and enjoyable as possible for everyone! We really decided on yellowstone because it is a national park and for the opportunity to see all its beauty and wildlife upclose. We are planning to camp out there and enjoy it as much as possible. I would love to see some clear water lakes or rivers so if you know of any pleas inform me. I know I'm rambling but I'm excited about this trip and as I mentioned before I'm really lost as far as road trips are concerned!

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    Default A little research.

    Hi there,

    You could certainly make it to Yellowstone and back but there are many wonderful National parks to be found nearer to home in New Mexico, Arizona [Grand canyon] Utah, [Zion, Bryce and Arches] and the Rocky's in Colorado to name a few. In an RV with kids I certainly wouldn't recommend trying to cover more than 400 miles in a day and a round trip to Yellowstone with a few detours is going to be around 3500 miles so you would be looking at 8 or 9 full days of travel at that rate. With less miles you could do a loop that could include some of the other places I mentioned and have a lot more variety, but that is for you too decide. I would have a good look at the map, search the forums and when you have a better idea of what you want let us know and we can help you piece your trip together.

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    Default Some Other Things to Consider

    For a first big RoadTrip with kids, you probably shouldn't spend more than half your time 'on the road'. For a week and a half trip, that probably means your destination should be within two day's drive, which still includes all of Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Georgia; most of New Mexico and Kentucky; and everything between them and you. At two weeks total travel time, taking three days to your destination is not out of the question and that extends your range to southern California, most of Wyoming, the upper Midwest, and the entire east coast except for New England. Yellowstone, however would be pushing it. If you are looking for water venues and wildlife, then you might want to consider either a trip following the Mississippi (which has many wildlife refuges along the central flyway) or the Gulf coast. If you do decide on Yellowstone, plan on taking 4 days to get there, 4 days home, and 6-8 days there.

    Which brings me to the second main point. There is a tendency on first trips to think in terms of a 'destination' with everything else falling into 'just getting there'. But especially with children, the trip is the thing, the destination is secondary. So don't fall into the trap if trying to cover too many miles in a day by just packing everybody into the car and grinding out the miles. Make each day a series of 2-3 hour drives with an immediate goal of some state park, museum, wildlife refuge, historic site, or other attraction. Get the kids out of the car for some exercise, both physical and mental, a few times a day. You won't cover as many miles, but the trip will be much more enjoyable.

    Along the same lines, while your family car may be fine for everyone around town. Over many days on the road it is going to become decidedly cramped. You are going to need a vehicle where there is room to move the children around and occasionally give each child room to be alone in the car. Also remember that you're going to need a ton of luggage to support your crew on the road. Now whether this means an RV or an extended minivan, or even a full size passenger van is up to you and your pocketbook. Just one more thing to consider as you try to plan a great vacation for your family.

    Finally, get your children involved. Once the adults have figured out the main goal and structure of the trip, let the kids find places along the way and at the destination that they want to see. That way you're making this a series of things that they want to do, rather than just a trek that they're just being dragged along on


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