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    I will be going to Seattle in early September, and I would like to drive if possible. Here is the difficulty: I've got time constraints. I will be at an expo in Seattle 9/4-6 (Fri-Sun), and I've got a wedding to attend back in Pennsylvania Saturday 9/12.

    For research purposes, I plotted the course in S&T 2009 and it gives me a travel time of 4 days, 9 hours (about 2900 miles) given average speed, a thirty minute break every 4 hours and driving hours of 9AM to 5PM. I had the idea to take the more scenic US-2 rather than I-94/90 which will bring my travel time to 5 days, 2 hours given the same options.

    I plan on leaving Saturday, 8/29 which will get me into Seattle on Thursday evening 9/4 via US-2 or Wednesday afternoon 9/3 via 94/90. I'll be traveling back on Monday 9/7 and should arrive in PA on Friday 9/11.

    I'm looking for a sanity check here. Is that even possible?

    EDIT: I will not be taking US-2 all the way, as I'd like to avoid heading into Canada for now. I would be going via I-80 past Chicago, then north to US-2 at Grand Forks. Then straight west.
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    Default On the Border Between Fantasyland and Reality

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    Streets and Trips®, MapQuest®, Google® maps, and all such software based mapping routines live somewhere other than the real world, and their time estimates, particularly for long trips, are simply a figment of their own silicon imagination. In the real world, where you actually have to slow down for traffic and construction, stop for meals, gas and to go to the bathroom, and can't simply continue to drive non-stop hour after hour, day after day ad infinitum about 550 miles is as much as you can drive on a continuous daily basis, even using the Interstates. That means that New York to Seattle is already a bit over 5 days on I-90 and a lot closer to 6 (or more) using significant portions of US-2. So, you seem to have (just!) this much time built into your schedule, but be aware that you have no margin for error in either direction.


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    That's what I was thinking. It appeared that Streets & Trips was giving me a pretty constant 550-560 miles per 8 hours of day driving, and it just didn't seem like enough. I was already planning on doing I-90 on the way back to cut down on the time needed as much as possible, but I was hoping to have a chance to hit US-2 on the way there. I may consider driving to Seattle and flying back. That way I can shift my needed vacation time and give myself several extra days to get there and enjoy the trip.

    Thanks for the info!

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    Default Much better idea

    If you can shift your vacation to have more days for the drive to Seattle, you can create a great trip experience. This is a case where a one-way trip definitely makes more sense.

    Any other questions?

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    Thanks for the great info. I'm trying to figure out how I can manage it. I was hoping a one-way rental would work but the prices are...prohibitive, to say the least (on the order of $2k+ for one week one-way in a regular car - no SUV, no premium, no luxury, etc).

    I will have to consider my options further. I may not be able to pull it off given my schedule. I'm thinking of maybe just flying to/from Seattle instead. This way I could get away with just three days (Thursday, Friday and Tuesday, with Monday being a holiday) of vacation. Then postpone a road trip for when I'm not under any kind of scheduling restraints.

    I'm wondering what a trip in early October might be like...

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    Early October is a beautiful time of year to travel!

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