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  1. Default First road-trip - need help and suggestions!

    My boyfriend and I are planning to take a one week long road trip going from Boston and stopping in Cincinnati and Guelph (in Canada). Geographically it makes sense.
    Just wondering if anyone can help me estimate costs - we'll be driving the whole way, and camping (except for 1 or two nights when we'll be staying with friends and family).
    Also - which direction is better (North, east, south, west or backwards)?
    We only have a week, but along the way we'll want to stop at national parks, go see the Niagra falls and maybe even stop at Put-in Bay in Ohio.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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    Default estimates

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've got a very nice and reasonable plan for a week long trip.

    For some cost estimates, you can start by using the fuel cost calculator on the left side of the page, just remember to add in about 20% extra miles to your point to point distances to factor driving around towns, to campsites, etc. Ballpark, I'd say you're looking at about $350 total there.

    Campsites will usually run about $20 a night, but I'd figure $25 to be safe and to cover supplies like firewood. You might also want to budget in an extra $50 for a motel room if you hit bad weather or just want a bed for the night.

    Food will depend upon where you get it and if you cook it yourself. I'd guestimate $15-20 per day each, assuming you eat out about once a day and cook the rest yourself.

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