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  1. Default Las Vegas to LA to San Francisco to Las Vegas.

    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum.
    I am planning a trip for about 20 days and i need any help i can get so i would like to share my plans with you and hopefully tyou can verify if it's possible or not and give me some advise.

    25th August - flying into Las Vegas
    26th August - Las Vegas to San Diego
    27th August - sightseeing around San Diego
    28th August - LA
    29th August - LA
    30th August - LA
    ( everyday we'll be driving to LA from San Diego as we have free accomodation there )
    31st August - San Diego to Gilroy via I101
    1st September - break in Gilroy
    2nd September - San Francisco
    3rd September - San Francisco
    4th September - San Francisco - Lake Tahoe
    5th September - Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Reno
    6th September - and there is where the problems start - Mammoth Lake and Giant Sequoias and overnight stay somewhere
    7th September - Sherman Pass and Death Valley to Las Vegas
    8th September - Las Vegas to Grand Canyon
    9th September - Second day in Grand Canyon
    10th to 14th september - second big problem comes here. I have those 4 days to see Arches, Bryce, Navajo Monument, monument valley, Four Corners. I know i will not be able to see everything and i need your advise on what to choose.
    I also need some feedback about if this route and timeline is doable.

    thanks in advance.
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    Default false economy

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'll start by saying your plan to commute from San Diego to see LA for 3 days just isn't a very good idea. Its a lot like stepping over a dollar to pick up a penny. You're going to spend so much time driving back and forth (at least 4 hours a day, and likely more like 6-8 depending upon traffic and your specific locations in LA) that you're not going to be able to enjoy your time there. Not to mention, you're probably going to be spending at least $25 a day in gas, when you could get a cheap hotel for $50-60. If you were just going for a day, it would be one thing, but when you also throw in the fact that you're heading north from this point anyway, this "free" lodging is going to cost you a lot more than you might think.

    So other issues with your trip. If you want to follow the Coast, I would strongly recommend 2 days making the trip towards San Francisco. In fact, if you do start in San Diego, its really not even an option to do it in one. I don't know how tied you are to Gilroy, but it would make much more sense to stop in the Morro Bay/Cambria area and then continue north the next day.

    I'll also say that you've got some serious issues regarding Sequoia National Park, in that it is on the opposite side of the Sierras from Mammoth Lake and Death Valley without an easy way to get between the two. You do mention Sherman Pass, however, that only accounts for one leg of your travel, and that is a very slow going route that will take most of the day and won't leave you much any time to see Death Valley. You also don't even mention Yosemite, which seems like a glaring ommission from this section.

    As far as what to do with your other days, only you can decide what you are most interested in. However, I would give some though to giving yourself more time in your other sections and maybe only doing a loop back through Bryce and/or Zion instead of heading all the way out towards Colorado.

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    Default Change it a bit

    I don't think that the free accommodation is such a hot deal when you factor in the other associated travel costs and the time that it will take for the commute. Is this the only reason you would be doing the start of the trip this way?

    As for the time at the end after Grand Canyon - which one of those places intrigues you the most from what you've seen and/or read about them? That should help you decide.

  4. Default re: advise

    Thanks guys for the advise. I thought it might be the case with San Diego-LA travel. Fortunately this an easy adjustment to make.

    About the part form Lake Tahoe to Las Vegas. There is so many things to see on that way and i only have 3 possibly 4 days to that part of the trip. What route would you guys recommend. i thought of something like this now allthough i'm not sure if i can describe it to you exactly.

    i'll try anyway

    i would go on the 89 onto 395 than turn onto Hwy 120 through Tioga Pass into the yosemite valley. From there down the 41 to Fresno. than on the 180 to something that my map is calling Generals Hwy. And from here i don't know where to go as one of my maps says you can go through to 395 and the other one says you can't. If i wanted to go with this route:
    1. How to get from there to Las Vegas?
    2. How long should i allocate for this trip?

    hopefully i made myself clear enough because i am sitting on it for the last 12 hours and some of the things i say and type don't make sense to myself;).

    i am very thankfull for any help.

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    Default Generals Highway

    Believe the map that says there is no way to cross the Sierra range via the Generals Highway. There are trails that cross from Kings Canyon, but that only helps if you have a few days and a specially-equipped Jeep to rock crawl along the path.

    If you do go through Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park along the Generals Highway, you'll need to go south to US 99 south to CA 58 east for the quickest route. You could also cross via CA 178 through Lake Isabella, but that will take longer.

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    "5th September - Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Reno
    6th September - and there is where the problems start - Mammoth Lake and Giant Sequoias and overnight stay somewhere
    7th September - Sherman Pass and Death Valley to Las Vegas"
    I see some potential problems here.

    First, it would be easier to not go down to Mammoth Lakes and then back up to Tioga Pass. If you go over the Tioga Pass and stay to the south or west of Yosemite, you'll save yourself some time.

    The sequoias are on the other side of the Sierra Range from Mammoth Lakes, so the detour to get to them is a big one. From South Lake Tahoe to Sequoia National Park is a good 8 hours drive, but at that clip you'll miss a lot of sights.

    From Sequoia to Las Vegas is another 7 hours if you don't stop or take the more scenic route through Death Valley.
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