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    Hi all,
    I'm 21 and my friends and I are thinking of planning a road trip for the end of the summer, but none of us have any experience in this field!! We're from New York City and were thinking of going south like maybe to South Carolina or Georgia or even Tennessee was a possibility so I ask--what do you all think? We really only want to be away for 8-10 days, and we were trying to come up with some good routes but more importantly with good places to stop at that are not only interesting but fun as well. We don't necessarily need to arrive at our destination within 2 days of leaving the City--in fact we plan to make most of our stops on our way to wherever we go and then drive relatively straight back to New York, get it?
    So I put this to the many of you who are experienced with road trips--which of the above states makes the most sense to go to, or is there another? Where in those states should our final destination be? What are some key places--landmarks, parks, hikes, amusement parks, etc.-- to stop at along the way like in Virginia or wherever? What is/are the best route/s to drive to our destinations so that we can get to these stops? Any and all help will be very greatly appreciated and I apologize if these questions are the wrong ones to ask--like I said, I'm a road trip virgin! Thanks a lot!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There's no reason to think of this as: Let's go so far and then just drive back. Rather approach it as: Let's go for half our time one way and then spend the second half coming home a different way. That way you're on your RoadTrip pretty much right up to the time you get home. Now in 4 days you can actually get pretty far south, depending on how much time you spend driving and how much time you spend out of the car at places along the way. The mix is entirely up to you. Now, as it happens, I wrote up a possible loop trip down the east coast from New York earlier today that you could follow or tailor to your own needs, so go have a look at that itinerary and see if there's anything you can use.


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    Wow! That itinerary is a really great start! I'll definitely show it to my friends and see what they think. Thanks a lot!
    You mentioned that that those places are just the highlights--anyplace particularly unique or different you think we should check out along that route? We like adventures!

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    The whole point of travel is to have unique experiences and adventures. However, if they could all be pre-arranged, then they would be neither unique or adventurous. Just go where you think you'll have fun and wander as you will. Keep your eyes and ears open to what appeals to you that you couldn't see or do at home and be willing to try new things. That's it.


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    Pretty same places but instead of fl, this will take you to New Orleans. NJ parkway south to Cape May -> Cape Lewes via Ferry (, drive down Coastal Hwy to OC, MD. Take US50 w to US 113 s to US13 to cross Chesapeak Bay Bridge Tunnel to VA Beach. I64 w to Williamsburg continue I64 w to Richmond, take I95 s to I85 s going through Durham/Greensboro/Charlotte to Atlanta GA then to Montgomery AL, change to I65 w/s to Mobile Al (beautiful beach on Gulf of Mexico) take I10 w to New Orleans. Take I59 n to Birmingham Al to I65 n to Nashville TN, I40e to Knoxville and Smokey Mt park, take I81 n while detour along Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive to I66 e to Washington DC, I95 to Baltimore, MD, then continue I95 to NY. If you have already spend more than 5 days by the time you get to Atlanta, GA, take detour to Nashville via I75n to Chattanooga TN then I24 to Nashville TN all underline city or places you can do a quick search to see if you want to stop overnight. All these places have fun and exciting things to do.

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