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  1. Default Road trip from NY to Miami

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm thinking of coming across to New York in September (from the UK) for a 2 week holiday..

    We're thinking of hiring a campervan of some sort and going from NY to Miami - what is there to see on the way, does anyone have any tips, and how much stuff can I bring? (I.e.: If all 3 of us bought a big suitcase would it use up all the room in a typical 4-5 person campervan? (I've never seen one))

    Forgot to mention -
    we're 21 so does this make rental more expensive?
    how much money would this journey cost fuel wise? (Considering we were thinking of doing it in a campervan one way and catching a train back)

    Natalie x
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    Being 21 and looking for a one way dropoff, a class C motorhome rental will be very expensive. Fuel should be in the $600 range.

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    Default A Ballpark Estimate on "Very Expensive"

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    A Class C RV big enough to sleep three is going to run around $150/day. The surcharge for each driver under 25 (presuming they'll even rent to anyone under 25!) is probably going to be $30-40/day or more. And the one way drop-off fee (again, presuming they'll even allow it) is going to be at least $500. So at a minimum for a ten day drive from New York to Miami, you're looking at around $3000 plus another $500-600 for petrol. If you were concerned about the cost, my guess is that this is out of your price range.


  4. Default there are tons motel/hotel at cheaper rate than RV

    especially if you never driven one, you would be better to plot several points where you are planning to make the stop and get a room (or camp if you are familiar with camping.) RVs are not that easy to drive they are very wide and long, and hook up to water, power, waste lines can be problem for newbies. Not to mention you have to have place to park overnight or RV park which will run you more money. meanwhile nice comfy hotel can run you 60-100 a night or 30-50 for motel. Look for national chains that offer free breakfast that will be an additional cost saving. And packing you gotta pack light, I typically pack 3-4 days clothes with one set of warm clothes just in case. expect to hit a laundry mat once in the trip. Also, on your rest stops pick up the ad circulars, they have valuable coupon for restaurant and other places and quick tips. As for hotels make reservations they are cheaper than last minute walk-ins, but if you do walk in ask for special rate and be nice about it. I find it better to stay at known name brand on the road.

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