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  1. Default ROAD TRIP EAST COAST PLEASE HELP!!! Buffalo > Washington > NYC

    Hi all,
    Me and my girlfriend, in our early 20's, are trying to plan a road trip at the end of july for about 7 days. We live in Buffalo, NY and would like to visit Washington, DC and New York City. We are trying to save money so I was wondering if there are any national parks on the drive from Buffalo > Washington or Washington > NYC or the ride home, NYC > Buffalo. We seldom travel, and this will be our first road trip ever, so any ideas I would really appreciate. Also, if there any any attractions in between these locations other then national parks please feel free to share... Thank You.

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    Default Not Just National Parks

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    State parks are often almost as nice, and usually free or nearly so. So don't count those out before examining what's possible. Check out this discussion of a possible RoadTrip between Niagara and Washington, as well as these threads covering New York State in a bit more detail.


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    NY state parks are not free. Camping ranges from $13 and up (plus taxes) for a basic tent site. The only park in NY that would help you out would be the Catskills which has many camping spots both private and state. Go to to look up info on camping and to book reservations.

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    I believe the "free" statement referred to admission, not camping.

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    NY parks still cost money to get in, whether camping or not. It is usually $6+ dollars. Trust me, the OP lives in NY state as do I, and we know very well that nothing in this state is free.

  6. Default State Parks and hostel

    Another option for your stay in NYC are hostels, which are generally affordable. My friend and I recently did a road trip out to NYC and D.C. There are a few campsights near D.C., one south and more near Baltimore. However they are about an hour away.

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