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  1. Default Newbie: Best RV route for family with 5 boys between AR and WY?

    This is an annual trip to a Bible camp, generally we fly and rent a car. We have been fortunate enough to tour Yellow Stone and Green Gorge by car. This summer a friend is renting us his RV!! As a former homeschool mom (wish I still was) I want to cram in as much as we can. I have yet to go to Mt. Rushmore so I truly want to hit that on this trip. I think our sightseeing will actually go from Lander, WY back to Little Rock, AR as there will be little time on the way to camp. We plan on going through Thermopolis to swim at the Screaming Mimmie, and are looking for fun (cheap) outings for the boys. They are ages 4-16. Can't wait to hear from all you seasoned travelers!!!! Thanks in advance!!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It's a great way to travel in my opinion, although a little slower going you get to see more at a relaxed pace and I would allow 3 1/2 to 4 days to travel each way. So the question is how much time do you have for the journey home to cram in as much as possible? If you are headed for Mount Rushmore a couple of other options of note would be The black hills, Custer state park and Badlands NP. The direct route home from here would be to Sioux falls and then South through Kansas city but with the right amount of time you could head back through Colorado and parts of New Mexico for example

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    Thank you for responding. We are pretty much gonna head straight there out of necessity. Then spend up to two weeks getting back. I appreciate your suggestions thus far. I hope you and others will keep them coming as time is getting short. Glad to have found you! Tonya

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    Default dividing it out

    How much time are you planning to take driving out?

    You're going to need at least 3 days, but 4 would be better. However, 2 weeks could very much be too much time coming back, especially if everyone has already been at camp for awhile and is starting to get ready to come home.

    If there is any way you can shift your schedule, I think you'll have a much better time if you can break up your trip into some extra days each direction, instead of sprinting one way and going very slowly on the way home.

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