I95 north of MD is full of toll traps. Baltimore Harbor Tunnel; MD Turnpike; DE Turnpike; DE River Bridge; NJ Turnpike at tune of about $20 each way. If you are traveling I-95 from VA to NY area here are some tips.
Going north from Richmond VA to NY, about 10 miles north of Richmond, you may want to use Va207 -> US301 cross Bay Bridge (toll) continue up north until come to I95 in Delaware (You will lose about 45-60 minute in travel time but may save time by avoiding DC area/Baltimore area traffic jam as well as $10 in toll.) Cross DE Bridge then take I295 instead of NJ Turnpike (I295 & NJ Turnpike runs side by side until exit 7A where you want to take I195 and get back on NJ turnpike other wise take US 1.
Going South at NJ Turnpike exit 7A take I195 exit then couple miles take I295. (You lose about 7 miles and 5-10 minutes but save about $3 and traffic at I295 is much lighter and rarely congested. Highly recommend during Holiday period.)
After the Bridge stay on I95 until you come to exit 1B North, right after rest stop, towards U of DE on S. College Ave for 2/3 miles then to DE Hwy #2 (Christina Pkwy) for about a mile then take Elkton Road South which will run into I-95 after the toll booth (You have just save $4 or 5 for 3 min of trouble and 2 extra miles), there is no south bound toll at MD Turnpike and for Balt Harbor tunnel you would have to travel 20 miles extra going around I695 so pay $3 to go through.
When stopping at Rest Stop, Delaware has no sales tax. There are lots of truck stops on I295 where gas is cheaper than Turnpike rest of VA, DE, MD, NY so fill up here.
And if you are going into NY, there is no way to drive in without paying Toll of $8. One thing you can consider is get a hotel around Newark area near NJ commuter train and ride the train to NYC, you will save $100s in hotel fee, parking ($20-45 a day), tolls ($8 for all in bound bridges and tunnels and $6 for borough bridges), traffic tickets.