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    Hello all! I am pulling my hair out as we speak! Can not find an online roadtrip planning tool which will plot my roadtrip from northern NJ to Seattle, WA! Need helllllp!!! This is what I want to do: I only want to drive 300 miles per day which should get me to Seattle in about 9 days. Is there a planning tool or an online map which will break this 2,900 mile roadtrip into 300 mile segments so I know what city or town I'll wind up in at the end of the segment? Need to know what city I'll wind up in so I can research hotel/motel accommodations! All of the online planning tools I have come across will allow you to add stops, but how do you add stops if you don't know where the stops are going to be?!? Again - HELLLLLP!!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not 100% certain, but I believe Microsoft Streets and Trips will do the sort of thing you are looking for. However, this is not free software.

    Of course the easy thing to do would be to simply take the online options, like google, and do a little trial and error. Take a look at the map, and plot a stop that roughly looks 300 miles away from your starting point. If its near 300 miles, then you'll have your answer, if its off a bit, move it until you've found something that is the distance you want. Simply continue this process until you've made your way across the country.

    If that is too much, you may want to consult AAA or another travel agent and have them plot your trip for you.

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    I just plotted it for you using Streets & Trips, via I-80/I-90/I-94/I-90. Your overnight stops are as follows:

    Brookville PA
    Fremont IN
    Madison WI
    St. Cloud MN
    Jamestown ND
    Miles City MT
    Bozeman MT
    Coeur D'Alene ID

    If you want to take I-90 all the way instead of I-94, replace the 3 stops on I-94 with:

    Albert Lea, MN
    Murdo, SD
    Gillette WY

    I would suggest that you do the following to get around Chicago:

    Take I-80 to I-355 to I-290 to I-90.

    Another option from Chicago west would be I-80/I-84/I-82/I-90. This would replace all overnights after IN with:

    Davenport IA
    Lincoln NE
    Sidney NE
    Rock Springs WY
    Twin Falls ID
    Pendleton OR

    That said, you should not have a problem pulling off the Interstate and getting a hotel room without a reservation. This would let you drive longer each day if you feel up to it. I don't see where you would ever be more than an hour or so from a hotel. Some of these suggested stops are in some pretty small towns, but larger towns and cities aren't terribly far away.

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