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  1. Default NYC -> Miami: Where to stay about half way there?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that my search skills are lacking, and this subject may have been touched upon before.

    BUT, my question still stands. We will be driving a U-Haul Truck this summer from NYC to Miami. Does anyone have any good suggestions of a neat area about half way between for dinner and an over night stay in a motel?

    South Carolina, maybe? Somewhere right off I-95 and somewhere safe from thieves and serial killers (anyone read the news lately??)?

    Any suggestions of cool things to see on the way?


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    Default Half Way, But

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    Roughly half way from NYC to Miami would put you in Florence, SC. But trying to do such a drive in two days in a U-Haul would be stretching the limits of what's physically possible. You simply won't have time for anything besides driving, getting gas, and going to the bathroom. Even your meals will have to be taken on the run. If you can budget a third day for this, you'll be in a lot better shape.


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    Default Halfway

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The halfway point would be roughly Florence, SC. There's no reason to be paranoid about crime, simply trust your instinct, and you should have no problem finding a plenty of chain motels that will be near the interstate and perfectly safe.

    Having said that, This is a very long distance to do in 2 day, especially when driving a large and unfamiliar moving truck. This is 650 miles a day, which means at least 12 hours a day on the road, and more if you hit traffic along this very very busy corridor. Its not impossible, but it could get a bit uncomfortable. You would probably have a more enjoyable/less stressful time if you stopped twice, say around Raleigh and Daytona, and make this trip over 2.5 days.

  4. Default Welcome to South of the Border!!!

    About 20 mile before Florence there is a place called South of the Border, you can not miss it, it sits on border of NC and SC. You will see posted billboards from 100's mile before that. If you leave NYC around 8 am, you should be there around 7 PM. There are shops, restaurants, mini carnival, hotel, gas stations, etc. since it looks as you don't have time to see much, this will give you time to wind down for next leg of the trip. Quick tips on traffic, your best time to leave NYC is before 11 am otherwise you will get stuck in Baltimore area/DC beltway traffic. Figure it will take about 4-1/2 to 5 hours with minimal stop for one gas to DC beltway, you would want to be here before 4 pm when traffic gets heavy, before 3 pm is better. After that time, your travel time will increase by at least an hour to two. If you do run late into that time slot one option will be after NY turnpike into DE, right before DE Turnpike toll at exit 1A take US 301 south (S. College Ave) speed limit is 55 mph on this small US highway but this will take you all the way down to Richmond VA area without hitting DC traffic, although it will lengthen your travel by an hour or so, but it will save time and rage from Traffic as it will take you about four hours or more to go through Baltimore/Washington area down to Fredericksburg, VA.

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    Thank you for the responses.

    We will be leaving on a Saturday so that we can miss much of the traffic.

    We'll look for South of the Boarder. That sounds convenient.

    And taking the other two poster's advice, I think we will stop around Jupiter on the following day, and only have a short drive on the Monday morning to get into Miami.

    Any more recs are welcome. Thank you.

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