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    I am moving from Denver to LA and am planning to make the trip by car. Hopefully someone can help me out as I'm originally from the UK and have only been in Denver two months so I don't know a great deal about traveling out west!

    I need to make the trip as fast as possible. I was hoping to do it in 2 days? However, I would really like to visit the Grand Canyon 'on the way'.

    Could anyone advise me on which route to take to make this possible, where would be a good place to stop over night and how long do they think the journey will take?


    I forgot to say. I'm making the trip with my girlfriend so we are going to share the driving so we don't have to stop for a long period overnight. I realize that including a visit to the Grand Canyon in a 2 day drive to LA from Denver is going to be tight but with two people alternating the driving/sleeping can it be done!!?
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    Physically, yes you could probably cover the distance. You're looking at about 1200 miles, going over to Moab and then working your way south.

    The problem is that you're already going to be looking at more than 12 hours each day on the road over 2 day, which leaves almost no time to take even a quick look at the canyon. You should remember that the Grand Canyon is a very big place and it can easily take up a lot of time, just to take a quick look at the place.

    I would say that you should avoid the folly of thinking that because you have 2 drivers, you don't need much time resting. The reality is that you can drive a little more with a 2nd person, but it doesn't have a big impact on how far you can drive. Just sitting in a car for 12 hours a day as a passenger is physically draining.

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    Default Save the Grand Canyon for another trip

    I've made the drive between LA and Denver many times. It's brutal in two days, even if you go by the fastest possible route. Which in this case is I-70 to I-15. You simply don't have sufficient time to do the Grand Canyon this trip.

    However, the good news, you will be driving through some of the beautiful scenery in the west. I-70 through the Colorado Rockies in summer is awesome! Lots of great places to pull out and look at the views. When you reach Green River, Utah, you will have reached one of my favorite sections of Interstate highway anywhere in the USA. Check out this field report about the scenic turn-outs found along I-70 in Utah. Obviously, your route will be tracking the field report in reverse....

    If you really have to do this distance in two days, try to reach Richfield or Cedar City the first night and then on in to LA on the second day. Read these tips about Speed Runs and get as much extra sleep as you can for the 2-3 days before you leave.

    As Midwest Michael has indicated above, it's still physically possible to include the Grand Canyon in this plan -- but it's really stretching common sense. If the Grand is a required element -- you need to allow at least an extra day....and even that's really pushing it. This is summertime and traffic at the Grand's South Rim is going to be slow. If you have two nights, first night at Kayenta, would allow you to see Monument Valley at sunset -- pretty darn awesome, second night at Williams (after spending most of the day at the south rim) or you could push on to Kingman on I-40 (but I think you will be too tired) and then the rest of the way on the 3rd day.

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    If you are moving to LA, I'd plan on saving the Grand Canyon for a 3 day weekend some other time - 1 day each way and 1 day there. Of course, if you can add an extra day to THIS trip, go for it!

    Drive from Denver to Kayenta the first day (9 to 10 hours), then on in to the GC the second day (about a 2 hour drive), and spend that night in Williams (1 hour drive). Williams to LA is 7 to 8 hours.

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