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    Default Las vegas - Grand Canyon - Monument Valley

    Hi everybody!!!
    I'm Elena. I am planning a trip around Calofornia + Las Vegas and Grand Canyon for August. Since we don't have so much time to visit everythig we have to decide whather to go to Monument Valley or not. The idea is

    9th of August: drive from LV to Grand canyon (early in the morning)
    (googlemaps says 5 h)
    visit to Grand Canyon
    drive from Grand Canyon to Monument Valley (is it about 5h?)
    sleep somewhere near there (is there some palceto stay)
    10th :visit Monument Valley
    drive form Monumetn valley to LV (google maps says 9h)

    Do you think it's doable? Is The timing I calculated (especially the 5 hours from Grand Canyon to Monument Valley) right?

    the alternative is not see Monument valley and spend a day at Sequoia park on the way from Las vegas to San Francisco

    what do you think it is worth seeing??

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Near Las Vegas

    I was just touring out that way last month ( June 09 ) an I thought seeing Nevadas " Vally of Fire State Park" was awesome it's just north of Las Vegas. also the gass bottom overlook at Grand Canyon West is awesome !

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    Default no time

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sorry, but you just don't have time to see Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon on this timeline. The time estimates are a little optimistic, but the bigger problem is that even if you were driving "just" 10 hours a day that wouldn't leave any time left to see these places that you are traveling too.

    What I would recommend is skipping Monument Valley and using your 2 days to drive out to the Canyon, explore a little bit, and drive back on the second day. That really doesn't give you extra time, so I'm not sure how it would impact your onward plans to San Francisco, but you're talking about some large distances and big places that can't easily be visited in just an hour, so you need to budget your time accordingly.

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    Default Speed traps

    Watch out for speed traps in Arizona I saw more there than any other state i passed through!!

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    Thank you for the tips!
    I think I'll skip Monument valley, hoping to see it next time (?!) and I'll spend one more day to see the Garnd Canyon or the "Vally of Fire State Park".

    Thanks a lot.
    Have a nice day!


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    As said before here, just do Grand Canyon. Take your time there, you will like it..

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