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    I just seperated from the USAF and im going to be moving from my home in Boston to SD for school. First American roadtrip (I have driven all over Europe while stationed there) and i'm pretty excited. Time: late august. Car: 2001 Camaro SS. Passengers: 1 good friend. We are both guys in our early 20's and pretty insane, I think i put together a functional but exciting trip here. Any and all advice is totally appreciated!!

    From Boston to Chicago, than south through Spingfeild IL, St Louis, Tulsa, Amarillo, Albequerque, and Flagstaff. Not familiar with those places and we definetely need to stop somewhere in the middle for some R&R. Advice? And now for the tricky part...

    From flagstaff to a place called "bullhead city" in AZ, then north to Vegas. basically taking the backroads for more of a straight shot. (I'm trying to avoid driving over the same land mass twice like mapquest suggests). Then I'm thinking north, past Nellis Air force base...then West on the 80 to San Francisco. From there, take teh coast down to LA, than straight shot it to San Diego. Any alterations or i should make....or stops along the way that you guys know of? Time is not of the essence... Thanks again!

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    Default of the essence

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your trip from Chicago to Arizona roughly follows the path of old Route 66, so you'll have plenty of things along the road that could make for nice stops. Obviously, you'll be traveling about an hour from the Grand Canyon here too.

    Once you get to Vegas, personally, I wouldn't go all the way up to I-80 if you just want to get to San Francisco, unless you really want to visit Tahoe (which you didn't mention). The popular option on this forum would be to go through Death Valley and Yosemite.

    While you did say that time isn't of the essence, how much time roughly are you thinking about. If you haven't traveled across the US, you can forget just how big of a place this is. Even on a direct route, you're looking at a good 5-6 days to make this trip. With the detours you've added in, I'd say you'd want at least 10.

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    Thank you for your timely and helpful response!
    We are going to try to keep it under 12 days, but with a stop in chicago at the navy pier, and the gateway arch in St Louis...a few more days might be necessary. Definetely want to see the grand canyon then cross the hoover dam to Vegas. From there which route do you recommend to SF? It was a bit random choosing to go straight north to the 80. What would take me through death valley and yosemite? Thanks again, TJ

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    Default Wonderful route.

    What would take me through death valley and yosemite? Thanks again, TJ
    Hi, the popular choice would be to head out of Vegas on the 160 to Pahrump and then take the "locals route" which is W. Bell vista ave/ Ash meadows road to Death valley junction. You then take the 190 across Death valley, a great drive through a fascinating landscape untill you get to Owens lake and then take the 136 to Lone pine and the 395 North to Lee vining and then the amazing Tioga pass [[120] into Yosemite. Two nights and 3 days would give you a nice relaxed pace with a chance to do some sight seeing, stopping somewhere between Bishop and Lee vining on night 1 and night two in or close to Yosemite on the western side. If you have an extra day to explore these parts all well and good, Yosemite is spectacular !

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    Default Throwing you a curveball...

    Just a suggestion, of course!

    If you are going to be living in San Diego, it seems to me that visits to San Francisco, Tahoe, Yosemite, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and Flagstaff could easily be done during longer 3-4 day weekends or, at most, a 1-week vacation. Of course, not all on the same trip!

    If it were me, I wouldn't spend my precious time traveling coast-to-coast on such nearby locations that I know I can get to in the near future. Instead, I would focus my time on points east of Flagstaff so I wouldn't end up zipping past things that interest me and that might be harder to get to in the near future.

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